Let your body breathe with natural deodorants

Let your body breathe with natural deodorants

Beat the heat

Did you know that using natural deodorants is also a savior, when it comes to skin problems? Heat and sweat give birth to various bacteria and fungi which are harmful to our skin.

Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, medical director, International Skin and Anti - Ageing Center (ISAAC) tells Metrolife, “The normal deodorants contain aluminum which clogs skin pores, and causes a lot of skin diseases in the long run. Clogging of pores stops you from sweating, which affects your kidney because the body’s inability to release toxins. Whereas natural deodorants help you get over the body odor, and prevent the bacteria that causes sweating.”

According to Dr Mittal, natural deodorants do not stain your clothes like the chemical ones do. It prevents toxin accumulation in the body, and is good for people with sensitive skin.
“For women who are breastfeeding, natural deodorants become important, otherwise the child might intake aluminum which might lead to a lot of health problems in the long run. Apart from that, the risk of breast cancer in women is also reduced.” adds Dr Meghna Gupta, cosmetic dermatologist and beauty expert, Delhi Skin Centre.
Aluminum based deodorants can also cause Experts claim Alzheimer’s disease and other bone disorders.

“There are different types of natural deodorants available in the market these days,” says Dr Gunjan, dermatologist, Park Group of Hospital. She says that you must choose the one with ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, aloe vera and charcoal.

“Another popular and effective natural deodorant ingredient is bicarbonate soda, which absorbs bad odor and prevents sweating as well.” says Dr Gunjan.

Nowadays, natural deodorants are easily available in the market, and come in different fragrances and variants you can choose from.