'Songs these days have short shelf life'

'Songs these days have short shelf life'

New venture

Sreejith Edavana is a known name in the South Indian music industry and has sung for the Hindi movie Kamasutra 3D which was selected in the original song contention category for the 86th Academy Awards.

The singer and composer has now come up with a Hindi pop album titled Dhuun, which released on Times Music. Edavana has given voice to two songs (Tum Se Milke Jaana and Dil Ko Aaj Yeh) and composed all other songs in the album. In a conversation with Metrolife, the singer talks more about the venture and his music.

Tell us more about Dhuun?

Dhunn means rhythm, the rhythm of love. It portrays the seven shades of love —attraction, Infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession and separation. It was my long term desire to do an independent project in Hindi.

The Oscar contention for Kamasutra 3D was a great motivation to kick-start the project. My work for the Malayalam movie Madhura Naranga laid the foundation for Dhuun. We decided to make seven songs, and started with Dil ko aaj. It was an exciting, enriching and challenging experience.

Do you think pop albums can survive today?

It is a little difficult in our current scenario. There are many challenges in the promotional phase when it comes to private music. Songs these days have short shelf life and it’s sad to see how non filmy music is belittled. We have several film awards like the Filmfare and IIFA. It would be motivating if an award category for indie pop albums is also included. Independent music definitely gives a musician recognition and hence it should be used to experiment new genres and also to make music that is new and unheard of. I think indie pop is a medium to promote Indian music world wide.

What do you prefer — singing or composing?

I have been extremely passionate about composing since my childhood. Eventhough I spent my childhood in Kerala, I had interest in Bollywood songs. My dad would wake me up early in the morning for riyaz, but instead of practicing, I used to experiment with raagas and swaras and produce new tunes. That was a big experience for me and I developed a craze for composing music.
How has been your musical journey?
Well, I can say I am not where I want to be because I am constantly evolving and improving. I can say that I have improved immensely over the years. And Dhunn has been an incredible experience. Making a song is part creation and part discovery. And I am happy with my music .
How would you define your music?

Most of my songs are melody based. I experiment a lot with western and classical, flavours of funk, EMD and trance. But Hindustani is my favourite. When it comes to movies it is situation and script based. Trying new instruments and tones have always fascinated me. I also make use of technology in a positive way.
Who is your inspiration?

It’s definitely A R Rahman. The orchestration and use of live instruments in his music has always left me spell bound. He and his music has inspired and played a major role in me becoming a musician.

Would you like to sing or compose for Bollywood?

I am looking forward to composing and singing more songs in Bollywood. If I get a chance I would definitely love to do more music in