'I am getting typecast'

'I am getting typecast'

Tough roles

'I am getting typecast'

Actress Riya Sen is unhappy at getting typecast in Hindi films and wants to diversify her career. The ‘Style’ actress, 35, said she is rather getting the kind of roles she wanted to do in Bengali films these days.

“After working for 17 years in Bollywood, I am no longer interested in earning money only. I want to do roles to feel excited about. I want to enjoy what I do. And if you don’t enjoy you will get bored,’’ Riya said.

Riya is playing Sheena Bora in upcoming Bengali film ‘Dark Chocolate’, which is loosely inspired by real events.

“Happy that the legal obstacle in the film’s release is no more. I am not aware about controversies. And no idea about how Sheena Bora is in real life. I only followed the director's brief,’’ she said.

Her most outstanding role in Bengali films to date was in late Rituparno Ghosh’s ‘Noukadubi’ — the type of character she loves to portray. Riya, the younger sister of Raima Sen, said she is portraying a gangster in ‘Senapati’ being directed by Arnab Ringo Banerjee.

“I want to do different roles. In ‘Jaatiswar’ I got a special role and yet I was noticed. In the widely appreciated ‘Family Album’ to ‘Kolkata Calling’ by Moinak Bhowmik not a single role was identical and that gave me satisfaction,’’ she said.