A liberating experience

A liberating experience

Winning streak

A liberating experience

It’s hard to Mosinet Geremew, the champion from Ethiopia, to talk about anything else apart from sports. The first place at the TCS World 10K Bengaluru sits very lightly on him as he says, “I‘ve done it again and I am happy that my hard work has paid off,” says Mosinet sounding excited after the win. 

Mosinet became a hero of sorts during the run and he gladly obliged people for selfies. “Running for me is the most normal thing. I am not used to all this attention,” he adds. His inclination for athletics was spotted by his parents during his school days. They stood by him and supported him. “The encouragement they gave me cannot be measured and expressed in words,” he says with a shy smile. It’s a lot of hard work, adds Mosinet, who confesses that he doesn’t compromise on his fitness routine.

The young man is no stranger to India and its culture. He finds the country and the people very warm and welcoming whenever he comes visiting. So what inspires the 24-year old to outshine every time he hits the racing track? “I enjoy my job and believe in competing with myself rather than other people. This gives me the inspiration to perform better,” he adds.

Runners John Langat from Kenya and Bonsa Dida from Ethiopia were no less competitive. The two men, who performed equally well, say that it is the spirit of the game that keeps them going. John enjoys returning to India. He says that running has done well to sharpen his mind.

“Running not only leaves me feeling fit and alert but sharpens my thoughts and helps me think better. Running is not as easy as one thinks it is. It’s a long-drawn process because as a runner, you have to work hard to build your strength and stamina,” observes John. While he appreciates the cool weather and the vibrant culture of the city, he finds the food a bit too spicy. “We are not used to so much of chilli in our food. I am intolerant to the spicy food here,” he adds.

Bonsa Dida has represented Ethiopia at various World Championships and looks like he prefers to let his work do all the talking. Sharing his experience of being a part of the run, Bonsa says, “The event is getting better and bigger every year. It is encouraging to see both professional runners and ordinary people come together to run.” He says he finds running a truly liberating experience.