Plan the studies well

Plan the studies well

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Plan the studies well

Dear Madam,
I am currently in my final year of Civil Engineering and planning to pursue my Masters in Europe. I am extremely interested in areas like sustainable development, environment, energy, design and construction using sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Kindly guide me to the universities that offer Masters in the field of Environmental Engineering.

Also, guide me as to how I can improve my resume to increase my chances of getting into an institution. Do let me know the exams that need to be taken for admissions country-wise, course relevance worldwide, fee structure, financial support, visa details and other relevant information.

Dear Deepti,
One way to improve your resume would be by carrying out some research work in your field and having your work published. Another thing you could do is learn German. Go to the Goethe Institute and attend certified courses. This will come of use if you want to study in Germany. Remember, German universities are free for all students both local and international and you get long stay visas, which help you stay back and work. The exams you need to take are GRE and TOEFL for countries like the US, Canada, Singapore, Germany etc. For the UK, you need to write only the IELTS exam. All Masters programmes in UK are for a duration of 1 year. The fee in the UK universities are relatively less compared to the
US, Canada and Singapore.

Dear Madam,
I am currently in the
final semester of Instrumentation Engineering. Can you please suggest me universities which are cheaper and offer scholarship in the US? If I am applying for spring intake, when should I finish writing my GRE? Kindly let me know the list of universities which provide communication and networking with spring intake.
A student

Dear student,
For spring intake, you need to complete your applications by August. If you have not already taken the GRE and TOEFL, I suggest you do it as soon as possible. Log on to­ to register for  tests.

Most of the universities in the US offer a spring intake and all the universities that are known for Computer Science, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering offer communication and networking.

Depending on your GPA, GRE and TOEFL scores, you can select the universities. Studying in the East Coast in the US will be cheaper than studying at California. Scholarships are purely merit based and if you qualify, you can certainly apply for graduate assistantship.

Dear Madam,
I am a first year Civil Engineering student. I am interested in the management field and want to pursue MBA with specialisation in HR. Is it the right course to pursue after my engineering? Do let me know a few universities abroad with affordable tuition fee.
Muhammed Junaid

Dear Muhammed,
Human Resource Management is extremely crucial in every industry.
Therefore, you can be rest assured that HR managers are always in high demand. To pursue an MBA, you need 2 or 3 years of work experience.

You can, however, do an MS/ MSc in HR soon after you complete your Engineering. Studying in the UK will be more affordable than the US. The duration of the course in UK will be for 1 year. So, you will end up saving on your tuition fee as well as living expenses.

Many UK universities also offer a sandwich or co-op programme, where you study for the first year by paying a tuition fee, and the second year is a placement year for which there is no tuition fee.

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