The realistic take

The realistic take

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The realistic take

Director Raam Reddy, who recently bagged 3 Karnataka State Film Awards for his film ‘Thithi’, is basking in the honours. As ‘Thithi’ seems to be winning at whichever film festival it is taken to, Raam Reddy can’t help but smile and rejoice at the multiple feathers in his cap.

He says, “We seem to be in a constant mode of celebration. This award is very special because the film was judged by a jury who speak and understand the language. The respective juries at the national and international levels had to watch the film with subtitles. Local validation always feels nice.”

Talking about how he crafted the dialogue with Ere Gowda, Raam says that the entire script is rooted to the dialect of Kannada as spoken in Mandya.

“The script is very straight-foward, on-the-face and authentic to the place. There is a lot of humour and wit in our script. I helped conceive the macro-narrative as I have a strong background in classical screenplay and Ere Gowda filled the void with the micro-details.”

The humble director shrugs off awards as “joyful validations” when asked which honour was most special to him — National, State or international awards.

“It’s hard to say,” he says. “The film itself is so special to me. I never thought that ‘Thithi’ would become so popular and such a phenomenon when I was making the film. I only concentrated on making a realistic and authentic film. It is as personal, sincere and humane as it gets. I also wanted to blur the lines between art and commercial cinema. ‘Thithi’ is an example that films can be narratively and artistically driven.”

He is also happy with the response that ‘Thithi’ has been receiving commercially. It is currently running house full at all multiplexes in the city.

He adds, “There was a problem initially. It was shown at all multiplexes but not with multiple timings. I think this was because people didn’t know whether our film would work or not. However, we got a strong response in the first weekend itself and were sold out. We have multiple timings for our show now.”

But it’s not only the city that is talking about ‘Thithi’. It’s the nation too and Raam is looking forward to releasing it in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai next.

“Filmmakers and actors like Anurag Kashyap, Irrfan Khan and Kiran Rao have tweeted about the film and want to watch the movie. So, I am hoping for a good release in these cities as well.”