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Last Updated 20 May 2016, 18:26 IST

It’s a known fact that women tend to obsess over everything they do. Be it their family or career, women have this constant urge to be perfect in every aspect.

And the fact that the world is a tad harsher on them also adds to the mess. But reaching the winning post in any effort or project is that much easier if they don’t wring their hands and obsess about the climb being very tough and almost impossible to handle!

Most goals can be achieved with clarity and dedication. If we accept defeat or surrender to small problems, we may only end up losing valuable energy and time, both of which are badly needed for planning the strategy for action ahead. When confused and in a quagmire of negativity, we are often unable see the smart and rapid route to our success.

Fight it out

“It is easy to give up and sit back in exhaustion and dejection,” says Sheela Singh, a senior bank official and mother of two young children. Sheela recently got her divorce after months of court hassles for the custody of her children.

“The fight was dirty and terrible and I was often tempted to give up and to let go of my rights. In this despondent mood, I almost let my ex-husband take the children away. But my lawyer was firm and I was desperate to achieve my clear goal. We both knew the children would be better off and safer with me as my husband was a heavy drinker and used foul language often. But, he had much more money than me so he could wield more power in fighting the case. It was a tough battle that demanded tremendous patience and determination. Every day, I went to work leaving the kids to my mother, and planned meticulously with my lawyer to build a strong and indisputable case for my kids to be with me. It helped that they were small and wanted to be with me. After months, I won, and today, my kids are safe, happy, and doing well.”

Sheela is not the only woman who has shown what determination can do. Thousands of women are daring enough to set themselves the toughest of goals and by planning the journey to the peak of success. they achieve their aim with precision.

Unfortunately, many of us fear a tough struggle and the small, but nagging obstacles in our path. We need to discard our insecurities and doubts and leave the small bumps in the path aside and hang on till we win. We need to concentrate on the big mountains that we have to cross to get shining success. We need to let things go when they aren’t in our hands. After all, we can’t control everything, can we?

The big win is what matters, not the difficulties which loom like huge boulders in our path. It’s generally said that we need three ingredients for victory — adequate effort (don’t give up till you win), timing of the effort and the third is unwavering faith in your efforts. It also helps to realise that small obstacles are a part of all paths and that no one has a smooth route to their goal.

All good things of life need great effort to achieve and our preparedness for this should be strong and unyielding.

All achievements are made with skill, patience, dedication, determination and faith. Never should we run away from the thorns in the path to success and be aware, energetic and confident of overcoming all obstacles to reach our win-post! Once we master the art of augmenting our energy and spiritual strength, no one can stop us from reaching any goal we want to reach.

Adverse times come and go. As poet Shelley says, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” The idea is to stand upright in the journey to your goal and never give up till you are successful.

(Published 20 May 2016, 15:57 IST)

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