A flavourful plate

A flavourful plate

Meat twist

There’s a meme on social media saying ‘Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak’, and most probably, all the steak lovers will agree to this. Giving hope to that statement is a cosy place called ‘Portland Steakhouse & Cafe’ on Brunton Road.

With an open-air seating, this steakhouse offers everything a meat lover wants to have. With a fusion of international flavours that suits everyone’s palate, the menu offers both exotic and regular dishes. With the right amount of music and space, the restaurant gives one the calm feeling of enjoying a good meal.

Though one would expect a beer to be a part of the menu, this classy place only serves wine and its varied concoctions. However, with the flavours they offer, it doesn’t feel like you are missing much.

Their salad menu is an interesting one as they have a unique range. The ‘Farmer’s market salad’ is a rather pleasant one as it has fresh produce with tomato jalapeno dressing. It’s soothing to the palate and keeps one satisfied till the main course arrives.

One can also be assured that the meat they serve is fresh — you can easily identify that when you cut it. A fair warning that the steaks will take some time to arrive at your table; this is your way of assuring that the meat is cooked at the time on order and not pre-made.

For the beef lovers, the ‘Cascabel tenderloin steak’ is recommended. It has the perfect amount of charred touch with a Mexican rub.

While the ‘Chateaubriand’, a classic preparation of centre cut tenderloin, is a fairly decent choice; a bit more sauce on the plate would make a whole lot of difference. However, the flavours are classy and leave the right amount of aftertaste. But it’s recommended to book your table in advance here.