Maternal deaths on the decline in Udupi district

Maternal deaths on the decline in Udupi district

DHO told to take measures to ensure zero maternal mortality

 District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Rohini said that every possible measure has been taken to curb maternal deaths in the district.

Speaking at the review meeting of the district Health department at the Zilla Panchayat, the DHO said that last year, as many as 10 maternal deaths were reported in the district, while the number has come down to two, this year. She said pregnant women are provided nutritious food and treatment at hospitals. “Underweight pregnant women are given iron injections along with protein-rich food supplement and eggs. Institutionalised delivery is ensured to almost all pregnant women,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner Dr Vishal directed the DHO to initiate measures to ensure zero maternal deaths in the district. He said that Udupi is a literate district and hence no steps should be spared in curtailing maternal deaths.

“Pregnant women in need of attention should be identified and all possible treatment should be extended to them. The needy people are in urban areas and slums also,” he said. The department has ample facilities to take care of mothers and children, the deputy commissioner added.

Infant mortality

As many as 64 infant mortality cases were reported from December 2015 to April 2016, the deputy commissioner said. He stressed on the need to study causes behind the deaths. DHO Rohini said that the increasing deaths of newborns during deliveries and underweight premature babies are few of the causes behind the increasing infant mortality rate.

The deputy commissioner   instructed the officials to take measures to avoid the shortage of blood and said the Red Cross had been strengthened in this direction. The blood banks should initiate action against wasting the stored blood, he said.

He said the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act should be effectively implemented and stressed on early disposal of files.

The funds earmarked for children infected with HIV should be released immediately.  
As many as 50 houses have been built for the HIV-infected, he informed.