10 Fur Elise secrets of HAPPINESS!

10 Fur Elise secrets of HAPPINESS!

10 Fur Elise secrets of HAPPINESS!

 My cat has discovered the maddening magic of digging out joy from every second of her day. Even while snoozing she oozes bliss which is irritating as I am not able to copy her.
My Fur Elise is so gleeful she even forgets to scold if her owner hasn’t fed her for an entire day. She scolds like an angel. But I can never learn to be happy without any reason like my cat can. She is happy without shopping, movies, gardening, reading , gossiping etc.

A book which I picked up at a fair for just Rs. 80 had a 100 secrets of happy people. I wondered if it could help me to imitate my Fur Elise!It showed that all the secrets that happy people own are simple and easy to follow. We only have to listen to the sounds, the melodies and the magic of life, all of which are completely free and we can be happy! My Fur Elise has already shown me that happiness is not shopping,  wealth or power! I wonder what Beethoven would have said about the small cat who has stepped into his solemn  melodywithout permission?

This Sunday shall we  pick out some tips for being happy from this book called The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People by David Niven, Ph.D What Scientists have Learned and How You can Use it.(Capstone Be Inspired)

So here are ten out of the 100 for OS readers! We will pass on the other 90 secrets as time goes by! And like my friendly little Fur Elise, we can be happy for most of every day.

1.The first one is to Turn off the TV! Then you can start reading this fabulous book or any other book by your favourite author. One expert said this wisely ‘’T.V. robs our time and never gives it back.”

2. Accept yourself unconditionally: remember that you are like everyone else, a complicated mix of  talent and mistakes and limitations! But on the whole you are a good person!

3. Believe in yourself. Don’t write yourself off. If you don’t believe in yourself, life will always seem difficult and will allow those Vampires of Expertise to bully you and tell you how to live your life. Learn from your mistakes but never believe that you are worthless.

4. Don’t be aggressive with your friends and family. Even if you are in the right about something, don’t get nasty. You may win the argument but lose good company!

5. Exercise: People who take long walks or swim or workout, invite happiness.

6. Little things have big meanings: the way you deal with a friend’s problem, or the gift he or she brought you, the way you speak to a relative you visit in hospital, make all the difference. So remember to speak or act wisely and ly with the small stuff.

7. Laugh. Remember that happiness is a ‘laughing matter.’

8.  Eat some fruit everyday. Fruit eaters seem to find it easier to keep away from junk food and love fruits and finally feel better about themselves!

9. Try to think less about the people and things that bother you. Most of us waste precious time on those things that we find most upsetting. Don’t ignore what is bothering you but don’t focus on it to the exclusion of the things you love and enjoy.

10. Cherish animals: they teach us a lot about life’s gentle secret corners of loving and giving. Cats teach us to be independent, dogs teach us unconditional love. Birds teach us about freedom etc. They all make human malice and mischief easier to bear.

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