Arijit posts apology to Salman, later deletes it

Last Updated 25 May 2016, 09:57 IST
Singer Arijit Singh issued an apology to superstar Salman Khan on Facebook for allegedly insulting him, only to delete it after a few hours.

The shocking letter, which was posted by Arijit, 29, on his official Facebook page last night, also had the singer pleading to Salman to retain his song in the actor's upcoming film "Sultan".

The "Tum Hi Ho" hitmaker said he had to resort to a public platform because even after apologising to Salman personally, the 50-year-old actor didn't budge.

The reason behind Salman's alleged resentment is not known.

After deleting his long post, Arijit wrote, "Hope he gets my letter through someway. PS. This whole thing will backfire at me I know. Prayers.."

Calling himself Salman's fan, Arijit had earlier written, "Dear Mr Salman Khan this is the last way I thought I would speak to you. I have been trying to text you call you and do everything possible to tell you that you are mistaken about the fact that I insulted you. I never did. That night in the show it was the wrong time and wrong aura. Nevertheless you felt insulted (sic).

"And I understood and I felt extremely sorry about it as me and my family have been your fan since long. I tried to explain so many times but you never got it. I apologised but you never got it. How many times I sent you apology texts, you also know (sic)," he further wrote.

Arijit said he wants to retire having sung at least one song for the "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" star.

"At Nita Ji's place I only came back to apologize to you but you dint get it. No problem I apologize here In front of everyone but please it is a request. Please do not remove the song that I sang for you in sultan... (sic)," the singer wrote.  

(Published 25 May 2016, 08:46 IST)

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