Stripes in fashion

Stripes in fashion

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There are some things which never go out of fashion; stripes being one of them. It was evident as stripes ruled the spring/summer 2016 runways. Be it the traditional horizontal or vertical lines or irregular and unconventional linear patterns, stripes are zinging in every style you can possibly imagine. There were thick lines and some super skinny in monochrome, bold and pastel colours, combined with a new twist in direction and placement.

“Apart from the traditional, stripes have now adopted a multi-directional and abstract look. It’s not just about the thin and thick band of colours but playing up with them. It can transform an average look into one that is beyond striking,” says Sonal Abrol, chief operations officer, Saiesta, an e-tail studio for women.

But how many of us know about the history of stripes? Designer Deepa Chikarmane, from Encrustd, a women wear brand, informs Metrolife, “In the beginning stripes were associated with jokers, clowns and acrobats. Over the time, sailor stripes entered into fashion, popularised by Coco Chanel who saw the marine workers wearing the classic blue and white stripes on the French Riviera on her trip there. Since then it has been institutionalised and the trend still continues! The Breton shirt was a huge trend as well.”

Stripes are very versatile and so can be worn at almost all the events, depending on the mood, trend and occasions — one can wear it for work, for holidays or even on the red carpet. Jaya Bhatt and Ruchi Tripathi from the label Indigene, suggest, “Stripes are a staple for women’s office wear. Be it the basic stripe shirt, a play of striped dress or a striped suit with a plain shirt. In a casual day-wear look, stripes are best with a pair of denims, combine them with a solid printed overlay jacket or duster coat or solid pants/capris or get into an overall stripe jumpsuit and you are ready to hit the summer.”

However, there are points which must be kept in mind while choosing a stripe, which helps to create an illusion according to one’s body type. Designer Masumi Mewawalla, suggests:

* Pear-shaped body: With a fuller bottom, stripes can be a little tricky for ladies with this shape. While vertical lines will make their bottom appear slimmer, horizontal stripes on the top half will create a fuller bust illusion.

* Apple-shaped body: Even though ladies with this body type have a larger midsection, stripes can easily divert the
attention from the area. For a slimmer illusion, vertical stripes do the magic but it helps if they are not emphasised on the mid section.

* Hourglass body: For ladies who are shaped like hourglass, sticking to the basics is the key. In such ladies, the plus points are the curves which need to be highlighted with single direction stripes — either horizontal or vertical.

* Petite body: For ladies with this body type, stripes add a little length to the figure. Try vertical stripes, but in small patterns.

* Rectangle body: Taller framed women need horizontal stripes in the area that needs to look curvy.

Though stripes are enough to give you a perfect look, but accesorising it correctly can add the extra glamour to it. Sneha Mehta, founder of the label Kukoon, suggess, “To make your monochrome stripes look more interesting, pair it with pop colour accessories or go for monochrome stripes with a statement accessory. Depending on events, colourful stripes could be dressed up and down with monochrome, solid or metallic accessories. You can also pair up some stripes with solid colour bags and a mixture of chunky but subtle jewellery.”