Kejriwal spews venom over Modi's 2-yr performance

Kejriwal spews venom over Modi's 2-yr performance

Kejriwal spews venom over Modi's 2-yr performance

Showing national aspirations, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday virtually gave a zero to Prime Minister Narendra Modi while assessing his two-year performance in office.

In a series of tweets, Kejriwal questioned Modi for alleged failure on issues ranging from appointing new judges to non-performing assets of banks, from silence on corruption to inability to increase farmers' income by 50 percent and check farmer suicides.

He also touched upon issues like education for Dalits and alleged attempts by the Centre to destablise state governments – an indirect reference to Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh.

The Aam Aadmi Party convenor’s criticism reflected the growing confidence of the party which aspires to be the main opposition to the NDA at the national level.

“Dear @narendramodi ji 2 years ago u promised to reduce Non Performing Assets of Banks but allowed defaulter Vijay Mallya to flee from India,” said Kejriwal.

The AAP leader tweeted: “2 years ago u promised corruption-free governance but are silent (like Manmohan ji) on Vyapam, Lalitgate, mallya, khadse,”“2 years ago, u promised that Team India shall not be limited to PM but include CMs. Now u conspire to destabilize CMs,” he said.

On vacancies in the judiciary, Kejriwal tweeted: “2 years ago, you promised new courts & doubling number of judges but even tears of the CJI haven't made you act.”

He was unsparing in his criticism of the Modi government over the Hyderabad University episode. “2 years ago, u promised education for Dalits but remained silent on Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder,” he said.

Highlighting farmer suicides, the Chief Minister tweeted: “2 years ago u promised farmers minimum profit of 50% over input cost but despite thousands of suicides u refuse to act.”

Kejriwal’s tweets followed similar aggressive messages by other AAP leaders on social media, questioning the amount spent by the Modi government on advertisements highlighting its two-year performance.

“AAP Govt was accused for Advertisements, do I need to remind how much money is spent now by MODI Govt on Media blitz. Will TV discuss this?” said AAP leader Ashutosh.

Kejriwal then tweeted: “How much money are they spending?” “Modi govt spend on ads for jst ONE event 2 yr bash? Sources- more than Rs 1000cr All Del govt depts total spend less than 150cr for full yr,” he tweeted.

Kejriwal touched upon threats to some women journalists and discontentment among traders. “Dear PM sir, minorities, students, dalits being targetted. Traders, jewellers, businessmen disappointed/angry,” he tweeted.

“Dear PM sir, everyone feeling insecure. Even senior women journos facing filthiest abuses n serious threats by those who u follow,” he said.

Kejriwal also talked about intolerance and alleged violent attacks by right wing activists. “Dear PM sir, those who say Bharat mata ki jai in kashmir n those who don't say it outside kashmir are being attacked,” he said.