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Challenging and comical

POGO presents a rib-tickling game show POGO All Stars every Monday to Friday at 5 pm on POGO. It is a fun filled programme that will make you laugh your heart out. The inimitable Cyrus Sahukar will be seen in this adrenaline charged show. Packed with thrilling, never-seen-before games and gregariously competitive participants complemented with Cyrus’ instant and witty commentary, the programme redefines entertainment quotient for kids.
“For me, it has been a dream come true, as I have been an avid fan of many shows, both on Cartoon Network and POGO,” says funny man Cyrus Sahukar.
Adding on, “The channels have given me the golden
opportunity to live my childhood fantasies, as I finally get to play and host many game shows. I hope everyone enjoys this new show meant to entertain kids, youngsters and grown-ups alike.”
Each episode is about two contesting teams’ race to win in four different and highly challenging physical games complete with funky twists, making the game more exigent for participants and equally entertaining for the viewers.

Harsh realities of life

HBO presents Exit Wounds starring Steven Seagal, DMX, Isaiah Washington and Anthony
Anderson at 9.30 pm on
June 1. Latrell Walker (DMX) leads a life in the midst of stolen drugs and crooked cops.
And when he realises that cops too figure prominently in the scheme of things, it poses him the question — are all cops corrupt? His question is answered when he meets Orin Boyd (Seagal), a tough urban detective who is in everyone’s bad books because of his liberal interpretation of laws.
Boyd realises that Walker is not really what he seems, and Walker realises that there is more to the drug scene in the city than what meets the eye.

Glimpses from a horrific past

Watch the drama series Auschwitz — The Nazis and the Final Solution — Factories of Death on June 1 at 10 pm on Fox History and Entertainment.
Factories of Death showcases the lives of two Jewish
children who were separated from their mother by the French authorities.
They would have followed her to their deaths in Auschwitz with 4,000 other children, had she not arranged for their rescue. Another prisoner at Auschwitz recalls the horror stories of digging up the rotting corpses of those gassed in the camp.

Uncovering many secrets

Discovery Channel presents Time Warp, an astonishing show under the Ultimate Discovery umbrella. Using the latest in high-speed photography, the Time Warp team takes some natural events and presents them in slow motion.
In this episode, meet Tom Dickenson, an Internet superstar, who sells his blenders by blending things that should never be blended — baseballs, video cameras, light bulbs, glow sticks etc. Jeff and cameraman Matt Kearney set out to uncover the secret behind a well known bar trick — breaking the bottom of a beer bottle using only their hands. Time Warp’s cameras reveal the secret.  Watch the programme on June 1 at 9 pm on
Discovery Channel.

Dylan’s poem up for auction

A poem that music legend Boy Dylan wrote when he was a teenager is up for auction in New York next month.
The handwritten poem titled Little Buddy is about a dead dog. It was penned by Dylan in the mid-1950s for a camp newspaper in Wisconsin, where he spent a happy summer.
The two-page poem, is the earliest piece of writing by the musician to come for auction. It is estimated to fetch between US$ 10,000 to 15,000 at Christie’s on June 23. Dylan tells the sad tale of a family’s pet dog beaten to death by a drunkard in the poem.
“Broken hearted and so sad/ Big blue eyes all covered with tears/ Was a picture of sorrow to see/ Kneeling close to the side/ Of his pal and only pride/ A little lad, these words he told me,” goes the poem.
It is signed by Bobby Zimmerman, which was the actual name of Dylan before he changed his name.

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