Solar fences a bane for wild animals

Solar fences a bane for wild animals

Instal fences around farms, not reserve forests, demand environmentalists

The Forest department has been erecting solar fences around the Devadana reserve forest area, adjacent to the Balehonnur main road.

The local pro-environment organisations have criticised the move of the Forest Department, calling the move unscientific, as it affects the free movement of wild animals. 

D V Girish of Bhadra Wildlife Conservation Trust, State Wildlife Board former member S Girijashankar and others have stated in a press release that the reserve forest area, adjoining the Hebbe zone of Bhadra sanctuary, is dense. The region has many reserve forest areas and the wild animals move from one forest area to another. The installation of the solar fences is, therefore, totally unscientific, they have criticised.

“Tigers, leopards, elephants, deer, bisons and many other wild animals live in the Devadana reserve forest area. The Muttodi reserve forest, Gange Giri reserve forest, Masagali reserve forest and Devadana forest are all connected to one another. Wild animals commonly roam about in these areas, which serve as a good habitat for them. The animals move to the Basavanakote reserve forest area and Basti reserve forests, which are on the other side of the Devadana reserve forest. The Bhadra River flows in the region and animals come to here quench their thirst. Due to the fence, the animals would not be able to come to the river,” the press release explained.

“The Forest Department officials should take measures to install solar fences around the agricultural lands of farmers, instead of reserve forests. The government should take the local farmers to confidence in this regard. The current solar fencing work will do no good except filling the pockets of Forest Department officials,” the environmentalists said.

The environmentalists have urged the Forest Department to drop the work of installing solar fences around reserve forests in Balehonnur zone. “The fences, which have been erected currently, should be removed, to facilitate the free movement of wild animals,” they have demanded.


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