'Follow a plan which suits your body'

'Follow a plan which suits your body'

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It has been years since I’ve been craving for a summer fit body. A flat stomach and perfect proportions of my height and weight have become my ambition in life now,” says 24-year-old Adishree Kakkar, a fitness enthusiast.

From following a rigorous six-days-a-week workout to a diet plan suggested by her gym instructor, Kakkar does it all. But when the temperatures rise as high as 44 degrees, she says that working out, especially cardio workout becomes very difficult and her energy levels less sink

“Cardio workouts should always be kept at a level where you’re not losing too many muscles. Even if your gym instructor suggests you a certain regime, you should only follow a plan which suits your body,” says Sonali Swami, a fitness expert.

According to Swami, an ideal workout comprises three-times of weight training in a week and two-times of cardio, along with a balanced diet.

“One can follow this regime if it suits their body. It helps in losing weight and getting a toned look,” she says.

However, as Kakkar mentions, with the summer’s unbearable heat comes lethargy, dehydration and loss of energy.  Swami says that in such a case, one can simply play some good music and start dancing freestyle. “It will at least keep you on the move and will be enough for the day when you feel any of the above conditions,” she says.

Aruna Prasad, a freelance nutritionist tells Metrolife how one can cope with these summer-related problems and feel energetic.

“One of the many reasons for feeling lethargic and dehydrated is that people workout with an empty stomach in the morning. Because of the eight to 10 hour gap that exists between your last meal and the time you wake up, your sugar gets biochemically on the lower side,” explains Prasad. “Thirty minutes before working out, one must have a fruit, like an apple or a banana, or pomegranate. Also, 350-500 ml of water must be consumed for every one hour of workout,” she adds.

Speaking of other means of keeping your body hydrated, Prasad says that coconut water can be consumed on alternate days. “It has high amount of salts that would prevent you from being dehydrated,” she says. Also, replacing meals with salads is something that many prefer during summer. But Prasad says that a salad-only diet will make you feel very bloated by the end of the day. “If you’re having a lot of salad, make sure you drink lots of water along with it. But vegetables, rice and dal or rice and curd are also preferable meals during summer,” says Prasad.

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