Enhancing the natural look

Enhancing the natural look

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Enhancing the natural look

In the recent past, a mammoth of a revolution has been observed in the beauty arena.

Careers have evolved that offer expansive opportunities to those who possess the powers of wizardry and can translate bridal dreams into a veritable reality.

Ramya Hanumasagar is an engineer by qualification who opted to become a bridal makeup artist. She stumbled upon the profession when she decided to express her creative side.
 “Although I don’t do much makeup myself, once I had chanced upon the idea, I knew there was no going back,” she recounts.

She used to watch a few YouTube channels when it struck her that she too could try her hand at doing some makeup that lookednatural.

She states, “Initially, I just devoted myself to watching and observing. When I saw brides with makeup, I always felt that there was a need to look like yourself and retain your inherent beauty even after the makeup.”

One day, she tried it on a friend and was pleasantly surprised to find that the result had turned out much better than what she had initially expected.

Her first attempt at what would eventually become her profession was a huge success and was met with praises.

“This spurred me on and I only became more passionate about it and tried it on my cousins and friends. I began to collect the pictures and once I had a sufficient portfolio, I started a Facebook page. It was just a hobby until I had established a substantial client base through networking,” she expresses.

The job of a makeup artist is accompanied by a lot of responsibility.

“Every bride has a dream look. My vision is to recreate the same, and most
importantly, make each bride look like herself on what I think is the biggest day of
her life. It’s important to enhance her look, instead of changing it altogether.

Also, the brides should look naturally gorgeous when you have a closer look at them. It’s not just about looking stunning in pictures.

The mantra for this is ‘less is more’. Subtle makeup is always sufficient to enhance the look, if done in the right manner. Further, I strongly believe in making my clients glow in their own skin rather than artificially changing their skin tone,” she says.

She ensures that high quality cosmetics are used and takes into consideration the natural character of the bride’s skin and hair when formulating the perfect styling.

 “I aim at creating a look that is shiny, smooth and long lasting. I meet different people, different skins, different choices and different opinions. So making myself stand in their shoes and understanding the different needs of each is a big responsibility,” she conveys.
“At the end of it, looking at happy faces gives me contentment and the inspiration to do better every time,” she says.