A day for health

A day for health

Yoga calling

A day for health

The morning crowd in Cubbon Park found a harmonious accompaniment to their fitness routine on Sunday.

Lilting strains of music filled the air and curious people walked to a corner of Cubbon Park to see a large stage set up with posters and flex hoardings announcing that the International Day of Yoga is around the corner.

As part of the celebrations, Isha Foundation conducted a ‘Upa Yoga’ session from 7.30 to 10 am on Sunday and the event saw the participation of more than 2000 people from all walks of life.

The events included a ‘Sounds of Isha’ musical performance and a ‘Kalari’ demonstration by Isha Samskriti. Speaking about the importance of such a day to spread awareness about the benefits of Yoga, Rachna, a volunteer says, “Such a day can inspire people about the possibility of a better life through Yoga.” 

“The reason we volunteer is because of how much these simple practices have benefitted us ourselves. Just by spending 20-25 minutes in a day your physical and
mental well-being is taken care of. It changes the way how you deal with life
situations, how you interact with people at work and in your family,” she adds.

Chitra Anil, one of the participants and a practitioner of Yoga herself, agrees. She says, “Yoga has improved my flexibility. My ability to concentrate has also increased and I am able to focus on my work in a better manner now.”

Shanthala H N, Headmistress of MLA School, is a recent entrant to the world of Yoga and already swears by its benefits. “This is as much for the mind as for the body. Practicing Yoga has helped me remain calm and composed, even in times of a crisis.”

Sanam, a young participant at the event, says she was not aware of such an event being conducted here and stopped to watch only after hearing the music.

“I was just walking in the park with a friend when the music started playing. There was something very peaceful about that music, which was the ‘Sounds of Isha’ performing. I decided to join the crowd sitting in front to see what was happening.”

“Then the organisers showed us some practices which were really simple. Even I could do them with ease and my flexibility is not that great. It was the first time I was trying my hand at Yoga and I felt better within five minutes into the first exercise. I was also surprised to see so many people here so early in the morning. I  had no idea Yoga was so popular.”

Selvi, part of the organising team, stresses on the importance of Yoga in todays frenzied world.  “The world is running behind money these days and consequently, everyone is always stressed out. Yoga is one of the ways to release that stress. It helps people find peace and joy within themselves.”

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