The stretch to wellness

The stretch to wellness

The stretch to wellness
The ‘International Day of Yoga’ has arrived in all its glory, emphasising once again the importance of making this tradition a part of one’s routine. People are going back to their roots even when contemporary exercises and movement programmes are trying to pave a path. For some practitioners of yoga, it acts as a stressbuster while for others, it is a way of life. Bengalureans talk about how this age-old practice has transformed their lives.

T C Ramesh, head of technology of an IT firm, took up yoga after he suffered some injuries and couldn’t work out in a gym. “Once I explored yoga, I realised that it helped me strengthen my body and my mind. I joined a class, where we did positions, postures and movements with varied intensity on different days and that helped the body,” he says.

Since then, he has been suggesting yoga to many. “I also realised that I was more energetic throughout the day. I looked forward to spending more time with family and friends after work hours, and involve in other activities too.” He also points out how yoga has  helped him in efficient decision-making. “I’m calm at work and even when I am caught in the mind-boggling traffic, I don’t feel agitated. I am able to accept things as they are.”

There are many like him who has achieved immensely, both physically and mentally, after practicing it on a daily basis. For Beena Krishnamurthy, a resident of Basaveshwaranagar, yoga helped her temperamently, more than physically. “I give more thought to whatever I say, instead of reacting immediately now. The acceptance to whatever the situation is, is better after yoga became a regular part of my life,” she says.

Beena adds that yoga brings a “better approach to any situation”. “My schedule includes 30 minutes of ‘Pranayama’ and 30 minutes of posture exercises. Each aspect of yoga caters to different parts of oneself. I’m a much calmer person now.” 

Youngsters too are taking it up in a big way and can’t stop lauding its benefits. Shravya Konda, a CA student, has been practicing yoga for five years but it was in the last one and half years that she started followed it strictly. “I had a medical condition which required me to follow a proper diet and schedule. After I started practicing yoga, my health improved. It has helped my core strength, posture and flexibility. I started following a proper diet,” she says. She was able to combat cravings and eat what is right. “My weight was in check and I felt energetic through the day. Earlier, it was quite a task to get up in the morning,” says Shravya with a smile.

Yoga’s power to heal certain conditions are well-known. And that includes one’s mental health also. In fact, medical practitioners have been recommending this for a while now.

Dr Sharanya Anantharamu, a medical practitioner in naturotherapy, took up yoga a few years back and felt the necessity to spread its benefits to others. “From headaches
and bodyaches to stress — yoga is a one-stop solution for everything. I have noticed that I have become stronger emotionally after I started practising it. It has helped in healing my internal injuries too,” she says.

Yoga, according to her, has the mystical power to open one’s mind to new things. “One’s perspective to life changes once they practice it. Positive thinking is a big part of yoga and it can turn one’s life around,”she adds.

A lighter and relaxed approach to everything is another advantage. Deepthi Rao, a long-distance runner became a full-time yoga instructor after she found how it changed her life. “I needed to increase my flexibility and gymming didn’t help. Something inside me changed after the very first class of yoga. My mind and body felt much lighter. My posture was correct and my hamstrings started healing. The more I learnt about the form, the more I got pulled by it,” she informs. Deepthi is happy that she is taking yoga classes and ‘touching many lives’.

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