Dancing to a new tune

Dancing to a new tune

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Dancing to a new tune

Actor Meghana Raj has three projects ready for release and is working on two, besides signing a few more. The numbers, though, fly in the face of the fact that she is very choosy. The actor says she doesn’t regret going slow and choosing projects after much thought. Her latest venture, ‘Lakshmana’, where she’s acted with debutant Anup Revanna, features her as a young woman who is caught in an unusual situation but gathers enough courage to wriggle out of it. She took time off to share with Nina C George her experiences of working in ‘Lakshmana’ and her future plans.

What made you accept ‘Lakshmana’?
It is a commercial project and has all the ingredients that will make it a good entertainer. I play one of the two characters who are caught in a host of problems but muster enough courage to fight back and emerge strong from the depressing situations. I found my character to be a very bold one who never lets anything dampen her spirit. She lives in her own world and doesn’t let anything happening around her affect her.

What was it like acting with Ravichandran?
He plays the role of a fiery cop in the film. I’ve grown up watching him play a loverboy on screen. Working with him is any actor’s dream and I feel no different. He is a legend and an institution in himself and cannot be compared with anyone else.  

How was your rapport with your co-stars?
Ravichandran sir is a very simple and a humble person. There’s nothing pretentious about him. He mingles with people and does well to instill confidence in his fellow actors. I found Anup Revanna to be very professional for a newcomer.  

What is your criteria for choosing a film?
I prefer watching films that have a lot of ‘masala’ in them. I like those with a lot of song and dance sequences, loads of action and comedy as well. I go to watch a film to get
entertained and that’s exactly what I would like all my projects to do — entertain people. It’s good to work on non-commercial films sometimes but I prefer the commercial variety.

Do you have any regrets about the projects that you let go?
I don’t have any regrets about not doing a project. I don’t grab everything that comes my way. I want to work on projects that bring out the best in me.

Have you signed any new projects?
I’ve signed a new film opposite Chetan of ‘Aa Dinagalu’ fame. It’s a story about relationships and has its nostalgic moments. This is the first time that I am working with Chetan and I found him to be a thorough professional.

What do you do in your leisure time?  
I’ve started learning contemporary dance and hope to resume learning Kathak in a big way.