Flaunting and impressing

Flaunting and impressing

It is now the season of mega social events such as weddings, house-warmings, and so on. Which means, great occasions for ostentatious-minded folks, who simply love flaunting their financial prowess.

Take a dekko at today’s marriage gatherings, held amidst all opulence and grandeur. You behold many folks, breezily bustling about, brazenly flaunting their bountiful wealth, by way of bedecking themselves with bedazzling robes/jewellery.
 And just step into the house-warming functions. You have the host, flaunting every nook and crevice of their abode. And, with abundant energy, articulately expounding on their supposedly amazing home-decking creativity, artistic ability, ample capability in getting work executed (extracted) from building labourers...

Yes, we human species have this proclivity or penchant to flaunt every good thing of ours. Since, we feel there is nothing that is private! We like to flaunt our looks and love everywhere, our knowledge in everything, our talents/skills in anything, our/family’s success in each field, our power/superiority at workplaces, and we even flaunt our devotion to Lord Almighty! Well, why are we human-folks so fascinated by this flaunting culture?
         Maybe to steal instant recognition, to fish out compliments, to elicit awe and admiration, to kindle people’s curiosity/interest in us, maybe even to ignite their envy bouts against us! In nutshell, it is kind of self-aggrandizement drive, to impress upon people.

Interestingly, what we fail to discern here is, by flaunting our looks, success or wealth, we seldom succeed in getting people’s ‘true’ attention. For, people don’t give a toss to any of our possessions, which are to them, shallow, superficial and insignificant. Instead, why not flaunt those things that draw real admiration?

Like, why not flaunt warm hospitality when guests call on us? Why not flaunt our sincerity/perfection in works we do? Why not flaunt our empathic and compassionate attitude? The helping and generous nature? Why not flaunt our humility and modesty? The good behaviour, manners and etiquettes? Our moral values, principles and ideologies? The capacity to dispense happiness and dispel mental pain in others? Well, by indulging in these, we’d see our ‘true’ happiness. 

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