'I will never lose my innocence'

'I will never lose my innocence'

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'I will never lose my innocence'

Young actor Dhananjaya always has something up his sleeve. And he proves this with the roles he chooses.

From playing a lover boy to doing historical roles, the artiste always feels the need to push his creative side further.

In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor, who is excited about his upcoming release ‘Badmaash’, talks about the music and his character in the film.

What is striking about the project?
Every element of the movie is interesting. Everything, including the music and the storyline, is unique — the film is different from anything that has been seen in the industry. From the entertainment factor to the screenplay, the movie has it all.

What makes the music stand out?
The music in the movie is like nothing I have heard recently. Each song will cater to a different strata of the society. There is something for every music enthusiast. The music director Judah Sandhy will definitely be acknowledged for his talent as he has gone out of his way. His formula was to cater to the mass and the class, and I can vouch for that.

Tell us more about ‘Badmaash’...
‘Badmaash’ is a political thriller. The story of the movie was discussed almost two years back and the project has come a long way from there. The best part about the movie is that many of the incidents and characters can be connected to things that have happened in real life in the past years. Many incidents in the movie look like a reflection of reality.

How challenging was the project?
I play many avatars in the movie — a magician, a cop and a politician among others. This made the project more interesting than challenging. Since I was a child, 
I have loved dressing up
and taking part in fancy
dress competitions, especially mythological characters
like Lord Rama, and I get
to do exactly that in this movie.

Any lessons learnt from the project?
This project required me to be involved with all aspects of it and I enjoyed that thoroughly. I haven’t interfered with the project; it is still the director’s vision. But I thoroughly enjoyed giving suggestions. I think I can be an assistant director if I wish to.

So is Dhananjaya a‘badmaash’?
(Laughs) If I was a ‘badmaash’, I would be a superstar by now. I am slowly getting there after learning the tricks of the trade. But I will never lose my innocence because then, I will lose myself.