Soak in bright colours

Soak in bright colours

Soak in bright colours

Talk of rains, and the first thing that comes to mind is a warm and cosy snuggle. But that’s not all. As the rain god arrives in the city, fashionistas are gearing up their wardrobe with colourful and bright outfits, ready to hit the streets in style.

From bright coloured umbrellas and rain boots to light sweaters, one can see it all flooding the avenues. Nisha B K, a student of Jain College says, “Monsoon is all about colours. Hues from saffron and blue to even black and white are in vogue. I have seen a lot of people experimenting with these colours. Students, especially, never fail to try out bright, eye-catching colours.” She says it is all about matching the right colour with the right fabric. Girls who prefer to wear ethnic outfits, she says, have the option to get rid of the ‘dupattas’ and play around with vivid and rich’-coloured shrugs and scarfs. “Though I don’t like to accessorise much,  when it comes to footwear, I prefer ballerinas or loafers as the roads are wet and slippery,” adds Nisha.

As the weather gets gloomier, it makes everything, including one’s mood dull. And as much as we love to look forward to the Monsoon, it does come in the way of everyday life. But bright colours can bring life to the sombre weather. Bhavya Chawla, the chief stylist at Voonik, says, “Putting one’s outfit in a methodical and planned way is always better during rains. I suggest people wear semi-fitted clothes and opt for woven fabric and fabrics that have a bit of polyester blend. These dry faster and the wardrobe becomes easier to manage during this season.”

She also points out how one should avoid wearing fitted clothes as they can be embarrassing when one gets drenched. Opting for palazzo pants, culottes, cuff-length skirts and dresses are great choices.

“Choosing bright colours like pink, red, turquoise and emerald green always lift up one’s mood. However, people who are shy of wearing these hues, can look forward to some accessories in bright colours. People can drop their fancy footwears and go for plastic or rubber shoes and sandals during the rains. It is easy to manage and saves one’s favourite shoes from fungal attack,” she adds.

Even men can look forward to experimenting with vivid colours. People who are in the creative field and don’t have a dress code can wear bright coloured T-shirts and shirts or even carry an eye-catching coloured wallet. And those who are always in greys, whites and blacks can choose a shirt that is possibly in shades of mint green or pastel colours.
Chandni Hemdev, a wedding planner, informs that brides are looking forward to brighter colours than dark ones this season. “The decor is coordinated with the bride’s outfit and bright pastel colours like pink and orange are widely opted for. It looks absolutely mesmerising.” 

Neon colours, she says, are also getting popular among youngsters. They are bold enough to sport a neon pink or yellow on their outfits and accessories. This includes socks and nail paints. Many are seen wearing bright-coloured pumps or carrying neon-coloured bags to colleges. “For me, jumpsuits and dungarees are the most comfortable outfits during Monsoon and pairing them with a striking coloured hair band or a long chain can add to the ‘oomph’ factor,” she adds.

Designer Rinku Sobti details that with bright hues taking the fashion world by storm this monsoon, one is seeing a different dimension of colours. “People don’t want to wear light colours now because it tends to get translucent and dirty fast. One can go for bright neon colours and bright floral prints.”

She suggests short dresses, rompers, shorts and T-shirts or jumpsuits during rains while saying no to denim. “Some of the monsoon essentials are rain boots, a small foldable umbrella, bag in patent leather and bright-hued outfits,” she adds.