Growing trend of image consultancy

Growing trend of image consultancy

Hiring an image consultant cannot just do wonders to a personality but turn one’s life 360 degrees,” says Meha Bhargava, founder of Styl.Inc Image consultants. She adds, “It is a science, backed up with principles of design and psychology to understand body language and art of communication.”

The concept of hiring an image consultant is to enhance a personality and make sure that an individual is well prepared to take several aspects of life. It can be the way they dress up or even hold a fork and knife. These things might seem trivial at first, but when you look at the bigger picture, a lot depends upon how a person carries himself, how they interact and even whether they are well informed of basic etiquettes.

“In a country like ours, the recent development and transition has been in the tier-II or tier-III cities extensively and it has been witnessed that more and more people want to move to bigger cities to either find their dream job or simply change their life around,” says Bhargava.

“However, it is a myth that only people from small town require an image consultancy. People staying in metropolitans require them too. From wardrobe services to personal shoppers, table manner to basic code of conduct at a workplace or even how to make a lasting impression when you give an interview is where an image consultant can help an individual.”

Monica Garg, director, International Luxury Academy believes that though a person should not be judged by his looks or dressing sense, a person’s first impression can make things work for him.

She says, “Being practical, we all tend to judge a person the very first time we see him. However, our assumption might not be always right. Image consultancy works in and out. When you are dressed and presentable, even you would feel more confident and better about yourself.”

Albery Mehrabian said in his study the first 55 per cent of the impressions are formed in the first three seconds of a person entering a space that is by dressing up and right body language. Around 30 per cent is determined by the tone of their voice and only seven per cent by the choice of words. 

As India is growing fast, the demand for image consultants is all set to grow exponentially. Everybody is waking up to the value addition that image consultants bring on the table.

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