Have video evidence to prove innocence: Mohaniya

Have video evidence to prove innocence: Mohaniya

Have video evidence to prove innocence: Mohaniya
AAP legislator Dinesh Mohaniya, facing allegations of molestation and sexual harassment, today claimed he had evidence in the form video footage to show that charges against him are "baseless" and will produce it in the court.

The Sangam Vihar MLA was arrested while addressing a press conference on June 25 and was released yesterday after his bail application was granted by a city court.

"I have video footage that clearly shows that the complainant woman left my office in a normal state and there was no chaos. She even stayed there for 5-7 minutes talking to other people which shows nothing was amiss," Mohaniya said.

He said that although he had no footage of the meeting with a group of women inside the room but the video he had "clearly showed" that nothing had happened as was alleged by the complainant.

Expressing his faith in the judiciary, he said "the allegations against me are false and baseless and it is a conspiracy of Delhi Police and some BJP leaders."

He also denied the Delhi Police charge that he was arrested as he had not received two notices to join the probe registered against him.

The MLA was booked on June 23, a day after allegedly misbehaving with a group of women who had gone to him with a complaint regarding water crisis in their locality.

The charges of molestation and sexual assault were added later by police following statements before a magistrate by two complainants.

Delhi AAP convener Dilip Pandey lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Police for creating an "atmosphere of fear" among the party MLAs.

"Modiji is taking revenge of BJP's defeat in Delhi elections and police is arresting and framing AAP MLAs to stop them from working for the people of Delhi," he said.

Political "animosity" is hampering works of public interest in Delhi, he said, adding that Aam Aadmi Party will not be deterred by the action against its MLAs.