Justice Dhingra on why he sought more time to give report on land deals

Justice Dhingra on why he sought more time to give report on land deals

Justice Dhingra on why he sought more time to give report on land deals
Justice S N Dhingra Commission, who is probing grant of land licences to some companies including that of Robert Vadra's in Gurgaon, today said he sought more time to submit the report in order to go through fresh documents from a person stating "that they are papers of benami transactions of who benefitted from the licence."

Justice Dhingra said that he was ready with his report but he had to delay it in view of the fresh documents he has received from a private person.

"I was proceeding to submit the report (to the Haryana CM) but somebody came and gave a bunch of documents to me (in Gurgaon), saying these documents are of benami transactions of those who benefitted from the grant of licence.

"I started looking at these documents. After going through some of the documents, I found that this would require a little study and re-investigation. I sent a message (to the state govt) that in case you give me an extension I shall study the documents, make them part of my report otherwise I will come tomorrow and give the report," Dhingra said.

In his letter to Manohar Lal Khattar government today, Justice Dhingra mentioned that he was about to proceed to Chandigarh for submitting the report when he received a bunch of sale deeds from a person who claimed that these documents were of "benami" transactions of those who benefitted from the grant of licenses.

After looking at these documents, he wrote that he was of the opinion that these documents need to be examined and studied in detail and would, therefore, require more time.

Dhingra also said that ever since the Commission was formed in May last year many people used to come to the office in Gurgaon and many of them gave documents.

"In those cases where I found that the life of person may be under threat, I did not even ask his name," Dhingra said.

On senior Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala's allegation that he had sought favours from government of Haryana that an individual in Gurgaon has gifted him land for construction of a school of a Trust Dhingra said "did I receive favours myself?

"We (the Trust) told (Gurgaon) DC that you have Gram Panchayat funds to lay paver on the roads. My Trust was not sanctioned even a penny..," Dhingra said.

Justice Dhingra said that a village resident in Gurgaon district wanted to run a school in the name of his mother but was not having funds and not capable of building and running the school.

"He came to us (the Trust) in Gurgaon and said please help me. We (the Trust) told him that we don't work on the land of someone else. You run it in the name of your mother but we can run the school and run this institute only if the land is gifted to the Trust.

"So, he gifted the land and we will be running a school in the name of his mother," Dhingra said.

"We are going to run a school and we have also talked to Rotary Club which is also helping us in procuring 24 sewing and embroidery machines for the skill centre also. Free training would be given to women. We will also contemplate opening play school to help the village women," Dhingra said.