A twist to the original

A twist to the original

Indiepop band

With melody as the core essential of the troupe, pop, fusion and rock band ‘Kalpanik
Theory’ has turned many heads and won hearts ever since their entry into the indie music scene in 2014.

Distinct in their style and unique in their compositions, they deliver Bollywood covers sprinkled with original solos and harmonies which keep the audience on their toes.

In tune with their logo, wings flapping out from a brain, the band believes that their music is essentially a form from cognition that takes flight once it starts. The band features Pruthvi on drums, Mannu Singh on rhythm guitars and vocals, Vineeth Haridasan on keyboards and vocals, Vaibhav Davar on bass guitar, Raghu on lead guitar and Sonu Singh on rhythm guitar. Pruthvi talks to Anushka Sivakumar about the band’s musical journey.

Where does the band’s story start?

Mannu Singh, the frontman of our band, and some of his friends performed at a cultural event at their workplace. They are all from diverse musical backgrounds. This went off really well and Mannu wanted to take his music a notch higher and start a band. At the same time, I had started a jam room and a studio at home. They used to come over to jam and eventually I started playing drums for them. So by the end of 2014, we were a full-fledged band.

The band was called something else before...

Initially we were called ‘Apostrophe $’. This was when
Sumit was with us. He had to go to Mumbai. After that, we had a change in the lineup. I had a few contacts since people usedto come to our studio and jam and soon Vaibhav joined us as a bassist and Raghu as a guitarist. We wanted to change our name because ‘Apostrophe $’ didn’t make sense anymore. We called ourselves ‘Kalpanik Theory’, which means imagine, create and play. This reflects in our songwriting and evolution.

How does your songwriting evolve?

Mannu loves to take two Bollywood songs and do a mashup of sorts. We take the flavour of the song and bring in our own musical elements and experiences. We like to blend songs.
The essence, lyrics and melody remain the same while we add our guitar riffs and solos.

Do people like your version of Bollywood songs?

We have got responses where people have come and told us that our version is so much better than the original. Everybody knows how the original song is presented so we twist it a little bit. We don’t complete with the song. There is always an element of curiosity as to which song may come next. There is no pressure on us to do it the original way.

Any challenges that indie artistes face?

The music scene has treated us well as per our experience. Venues have always given us great feedback. During our last show, people were on their feet and the manager said that it was the first time that something like that had happened. However, I do wish that people come out to listen and promote indie artistes rather than focussing just on commercial music.

Songs that are always on ‘Kalpanik Theory’s’ playlist...

Aahate from Agnee and our own composition Jab se tera naam.

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