Towns awash in colours as one dies in violence

A 40-year-old man died and five were injured as the festivities turned violent at Khategaon in Madhya Pradesh's Dewas district while seven were hurt in clashes in Karnataka.

A verbal duel betweem members of two communities during the celebrations near a place of worship spawned a clash at Gotak in Karnataka's Belgaum district which left five injured.
In the same state, violence over beating of drums at Savanur in Haveri district left two policemen injured, police said.

Elsewhere in the country, the celebrations were peaceful as commoners and politicians mingled with each other on the occasion.

Revellers, dyed in hues of many colours, thronged thoroughfares singing and dancing to the accompaniment of drums as gusto marked the festivities.
Forgetting all rancour and old grievances, friends and foes exchanged embraces in lanes and alleyways wishing "Happy Holi" as unseen hands squirted them with a well-timed coloured water spray.

Water-filled balloons were hurtled down from rooftops and balconies as cries of "Holi hai" reverberated the streets which presented a riot of colours.
Musical soirees were held at many places to mark the festival which bids adieu to winter and heralds the spring season.

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