Muslim caretaker cremates Hindu abandoned by son

Muslim caretaker cremates Hindu abandoned by son

Muslim caretaker cremates Hindu abandoned by son

 Going beyond religion and blood ties, Mohammad Yakub Bi, woman caretaker of Sahrudaya old age home in Hanmakonda of Warangal district, performed the last rites of a Hindu inmate Keerthi Srinivas, whose son refused to light the pyre and ran away.

Keerthi Srinivas of Station Ghanpur, a former tailor, was abandoned by his family and was living the life of a recluse, begging at Warangal bus stand to survive.

Yakub Bi, who runs an old age home along with her husband, decided to accommodate him along with 70 others even though she was in utter financial distress. Srinivas was partially paralysed when Yakub Bi found him. Srinivas died on Tuesday night. With much difficulty, Yakub Bi traced Srinivas’ son Sharath.


He came but refused to perform last rites of his father saying that he had recently converted to Christianity and could not perform Hindu rituals.

He then slowly slipped away leaving his father’s dead body at the old age home. None of Srinivas’ close relatives took the responsibility of lighting the pyre.

The brave Yakub Bi then donned the role of a son of Srinivas and performed his last rites according to Hindu custom.

She not only carried the earthen pot of water on her shoulder but also lit the pyre like a real son. She took on the responsibility as her husband was travelling and the body had to be consigned to flames soon.

“He is like a father to me,” Yakub Bi said. Founder of the old age home, Md Mahboob Ali, said that all the inmates of the home are treated like family members irrespective of their caste or creed.

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