Making peepers pop

Making peepers pop


Making peepers pop

Change is inevitable and fashion makes sure that we don’t trail on the same path all through our life. And one of the major areas where we can witness raging trends is the world of eye makeup.

In the last few years, we have seen geometric eyeliners make a splash in the form of bold lines, abstract art, asymmetrical triangles. All these seem to be giving rise to a revolution of sorts in the eye makeup industry. Now these forms are exaggerated versions of what you must have been doing until now — winged, cat eyes and so on — but what’s changed is the effect which is more dramatic and long-lasting today. 

Are you among those women who are rather confused about the varied ways in which their peepers can be highlighted? No need to fret! Here are some makeup ideas for you:  
The graphic wing

As a sequel to the evergreen winged liner, this is an exaggerated winged liner that adds to the boldness of the avatar. For this, use a liquid-based liner to get a glossy,
perfect finish. You may also use an eye pencil but make sure to keep the lines within the socket, keeping the overall finish short and tight. This interpretation of the trend works best on a fresh face with a little blush in order to keep it in line with this season’s nude look.

Start off by creating the standard form of winged liner; draw a winged line starting from the centre and take it forward as much as you want towards the outer end (to essentially exaggerate it). Now, start from the inner corner and draw a thin line towards the middle point and merge with the line already drawn. Now, apply a thin winged-style line on your waterline too. But remember to not merge it with the upper wing. This will make your eyes appear more defined and not messy. This classic look is mostly done in black but is also suitable in colours like, aquamarine blue, glistening purple and more.

Hollow cat-eye

How do you make the classic cat-eye modern? This feminine but ultra-modern style of the exaggerated cat eye is created by using an eye pencil to create a hollowed-out shape rising gracefully under each eyebrow. This simple yet feminine look works both at the office and parties. All you would require is a gel liner and a fine eyeliner brush. An electric shade of blue would make this style stand out.

Start by lifting the eyelid up slightly and begin applying the liner as close to the lash line as possible. The key is to get right in at the lash line. Start by drawing a very thin line, and add to it as needed. Exaggerate the line just off the outer corner of the lashes. Soften the end slightly by gently smudging with your finger.

Dramatic triangles

Sometimes, it becomes essential to infuse drama into your eyes! Imagine those innocent yet thespian looking eyes with the use of generous graphic eyeliner. You can create a look of your own by making large triangles which float away from the eye. For those not good at drawing, create triangles on a stencil. Cut these off and use them to get those perfect triangles on your eyes. The look emerges best in metallic shades. You would want to match the geometric eyeliner with thickened eyebrows as well; they were envisioned to bring an overall balance to the face. The most preferred hue for this look is a royal and bold shade of blue.

Cubical craze

Create cubes with an eye makeup stencil on both the outer corners of your eyes. You can use a gel-based liner or a liquid liner for achieving the ‘blackest of all’ look. Indulge in some amplified boldness cube-inspired eye makeup that can be your day-to-night-to-dawn makeup look.

This boxy twist on the classic cat-eye can make you the showstopper at any
social-do — just make sure to be playful with colours. For instance, try a gorgeous green or an ink blue shade. One major difference in this style is the use of mascara, which though minimal, is intended make your eyes look powerful.

Colour blocking

If you want to add a dash of colour while keeping the look geometrical, abstract shadow lining is a great option and it offers a more subtle daytime look. Plus, the colour possibilities are endless here.

Exhibit it by applying an adhesive tape above your eyelid to achieve the desired shape in your eye-do.

Now, take adequate amount of eye shadow of your favourite hue and pat in dots all over your eyelid. It is wise to smudge the dots using a fluffy brush in outward direction without worrying about control. The tape applied will ensure perfection and give a professional finish to your effort. Just use a ravishing hue of indigo for this avatar, sufficient enough to infuse spark into any of your outfits.

Bold batwing

All you need to do is exaggerate the preceding look while extending it to a level where it forms a long, thick wing and gives out a bold batwing look. The look, though, is best suited for occasions like weddings and formal dinners
because of its intensity.

Extended socket

Now, this one of those geometrical dos, which can be done either way — with colours or just with black kohl in hand. And, probably one of those, which do not require any stencil or other prop to get the look right.

Do it by just drawing a ‘C’ shape on the upper side of your eyelid and draw a thick winged streak above your upper lash line. Then join both the lines from the inner corners to make a socket-like gawk. This will make your eyes look deeper and hence, is great for those with tiny eyes. Just use a classy haze of turquoise, or amethyst and get ready to rock your look like a true diva!

(The author is founder-director, Alps Beauty Clinic, Delhi)

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