Addressing issues, the Ska way

Addressing issues, the Ska way

Addressing issues, the Ska way
A year after their first album hit the market, ‘The Ska Vengers’, known for songs like ‘Frank Brazil’, ‘Badda’ and ‘Rough Mean’, recently released their new album. Their evocative lyrics and hard-hitting videos have helped India’s first ska band earn a distinct recognition in the music scene.

‘XX’ (pronounced double cross) comprises 13 tracks, and it took the band three years to create the album.

“We lay a lot of emphasis on production. We wanted to come up with a meticulous album and didn’t want to release anything until we were completely satisfied,” says Stefan Kaye, founder member, keyboard/percussionist.

“We began recording this album at the beginning of 2013 as we had written a lot of new material since our first album. The band has progressed as a collective of writers, and more influences have been creeping into the songs such as Afro-Cuban (Cumbanchero, Afro Fantasy) and Afro beat (Double X’),” adds Stefan.

Armed with influences from reggae, punk, hip-hop, Afro beat and ska, reggae, dub and jazz, the band has built a repertoire of music that’s exciting, fresh and timeless at the same time.

The eight-member band, known for its predilection to speak on current issues, continues the trend with this album. They have touched upon varied themes ranging from government surveillance, incarcerations and murders to love and longing.

According to Delhi
Sultanate aka Taru Dalmia, the band’s vocalist, music has always been a part of “political movements” in our country. Which is why, he says, the band doesn’t shy away from making a statement, musical or political.

“At the moment, we are living in an oppressive, fascist and neo-colonial environment. And people will be affected by it. So we want to use music to address these issues because as a medium, music helps in bringing people together,” says Taru.

Ask them if the current political unrest and terrorism is the subject of their latest works and Taru says, “We have always been addressing the issue of terrorism. I believe that powerful companies that help the government are the biggest terrorists in the present scenario. Many a time, the government acts against the interest of the people of India.”

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