The smooth transit

The smooth transit

The smooth transit

More and more young minds are coming out with innovative ideas to make life easy these days. ‘’, a startup based in the city is one such success story.

Pushkar Singh, along with his batchmates Sudarshan Ravi and Ankit Parasher, are the brains behind this startup, which is a ‘last mile’ logistics solutions provider for businesses and consumers.          

The idea was conceptualised during Pushkar’s tenure at his previous company (where he worked with the operations and product launches) when he had to wait for hours coordinating with the logistics’ trucks, that often did not report on time at the location.

“The unreliability and unaccountability of these trucks had a drastic effect on the operations and was a major problem point. That was when I realised that there is an existing gap in logistical services which is important to bridge in order to have a smooth back-end functioning.”

“The ‘last mile’ logistics holds the highest unit transport across the entire supply chain because of the complicated nature of the distribution. Here, we optimise, solve and bring down these costs drastically through increasing efficiency of the trucks (we lower our client’s cost and increase the earnings of the drivers) hence, it is a balanced situation for both,” explains Pushkar.

Having come from different areas like strategy, operations, business and product development, all three of them shared their knowledge and experience in putting this venture together.

Though there are other companies that are trying to solve the ‘last mile’ logistic problems, he points out that this venture is not just uber for trucks (wherein they merely manage and map the demand for trucks) but they are also for solving the inefficiency of supply chain with the help of advanced technologies and other tools to help customers with their supply chain network.

The venture is now endeavouring to be the go-to ‘last mile’ logistic services which offer the most cost effective and reliable system for any shipment of products in any particular city.

Their target audience is from different sectors — Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), e-commerce and retail logistics to name a few. “We enable transactions for consumers as well. It can be a consumer to consumer, or to a consumer who prefers to ship his own products from his shop example furniture and hardware,” says Pushkar.

So what are the challenges they face? “To create a mature market both from the consumer or client’s perspective as well as from the driver’s side. This is the biggest challenge that we face,” adds Pushkar.

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