Rocking it out

Rocking it out

 A section of the crowd. The stage was ruled by RJ Vicky, who was the host for the evening. A total of three bands performed. The show started with the band Prism, from Kristu Jayanthi College, playing The whole world is gonna know by Mr Big. This was followed by an Iron Maiden number. The band then went on to play an original number Born again for the IISc crowd who were the first ones to hear it. And they certainly enjoyed as there was a demand for an encore by the host himself.

This performance was followed up by the band All the fat children from Christ College who kept the evening rocking. A lot of students went to the stage to do a little ‘head banging’ while the band played out the music. Poorva, from Christ College said, “I have come here today for the rock festival only.”

An interesting twist to the evening was when a band of seven students made a special request to perform. And while everyone was expecting a rock song, they surprised everyone by doing a Punjabi jig on the song Dhol jageero da. Pallav, one of the group members said, “We performed because we felt like it. Rock is not our cup of tea.” This impromptu performance may have upset the girls though, who were supposed to perform with the group the next day itself.

And while the last band, the IISc’s Rhythmica got ready to perform, the audience saw Ganpati, a student and two others jump off the stage to be caught by the audience in the true rock fashion. The eventful evening came to an end with the announcement of the All the fat children as the winners.

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