Bride finds groom drunk, calls off wedding

Bride finds groom drunk, calls off wedding

Bride finds groom drunk, calls off wedding
Call it an after-effect of Nitish Kumar imposing prohibition in Bihar or the general awareness being created about ill-effects of liquor consumption, a bride called off her marriage minutes before the jaimala (exchange of garlands) ceremony after finding out the groom was drunk.

The incident took place at Naugachia in Bhagalpur district, around 300 km from here. The bride Preeti Lata, a teacher at a government middle school, was on stage when she found the groom misbehaving with some of her relatives.

As she moved forward with the garland in her hand, she “smelt” a rat. Soon, she realised her would-be husband was completely drunk. She developed cold feet, threw the garland on the floor of the mandap (stage) and ran to her make-shift room, leaving all the guests stunned.

Consumption of liquor is banned in Bihar ever since prohibition was imposed in the state in April this year.

“I cannot marry a drunkard, who has shamelessly consumed liquor even before the wedding,” the intrepid girl told her father Ashutosh Mishra. Preeti’s stand drew wide appreciation from her relatives, but left the groom and his family red-faced.

She sought forgiveness from everyone for bringing disrepute to the family, but reiterated that she cannot compromise on certain values.

“We should salute her for taking such a stand. After all, she is a teacher and needs appreciation for her initiative,” one of her relatives said, even as the groom’s kin reluctantly agreed to leave the marriage venue.

But there was a twist in the tale. The baratis (members of the groom’s side) were taken hostage till the dowry amount was returned to Preeti’s family.

“Though we suffered a huge financial loss, we at least managed to get back the dowry amount,” a relative of Preeti later told a local daily.