'I put in all my energy into my work'

'I put in all my energy into my work'

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'I put in all my energy into my work'

Designer Rocky S loves clothes and loves to dress others up as well. But it took some time for him to convince his parents that he wanted to become a fashion designer. Now looking back, Rocky has no regrets, for he knew that his destiny lay in moulding the sartorial tastes of people.

Today, Rocky is synonymous with haute fashion. His designs are worn by who’s who of Bollywood and he’s a hot property among the country’s frontline fashionistas.

In an interview with Nina C George, Rocky talks about how he manages to come up with distinct designs, every time he creates a new collection.

How do you always manage to come up with something different?
I think I am blessed with an innovative mind and novel ideas for clothing. As a designer, I am always inspired by my surroundings. Everyday is a new learning process. I keep experimenting and coming up with something different at regular intervals.

Most of your designs are futuristic. Where did that come from?
My mind always focusses on creating futuristic designs that are fashionable, advanced and creative. I never compromise on my work which is always a blend of refined skills and a meticulous mind.

Has your exposure during your childhood played a big role on your designs?
My interest for clothes has always occupied my mind. I have always been supported by my family and peers during my childhood. My mother always had a unique taste. I would watch with keen interest my mother’s choice for clothes. Her choice of colour and accessories always caught my fancy and imagination. I didn’t know much about what comprised fashion designing but the detailing on the clothes always interested me.    

What inspires your designs?
I put in all my energy into my work and lead a simple life sans any complication. All the designs that I create are meant to make a new statement. A large chunk of my designs are inspired by the places that I travel to. I believe every place has a glorious history and I try to incorporate those elements into my designs.  

What prompted you to venture into fragrances?
I love exploring new things. While, my fashion brand ‘Rocky Star’ has carved a niche for itself, I wanted to launch my line fragrances and deodorants.

What's your latest collection?
The clothes in the latest collection have a very youthful feel. I’ve worked around weaving in illustrations, fabric manipulation, embroideries, explosion of colour and exuberant shapes. All these elements complement each other perfectly well. My designs are targeted at young people.     

What’s next?
I am planning to expand my line to include ‘Rocky Star’ jeans.