'I enjoy working in horror films'

'I enjoy working in horror films'


'I enjoy working in horror films'

There’s always a lot of curiosity and excitement that surrounds actor and director Upendra’s films. Whether he is acting in the movie or directing it, his films always create a buzz. Upendra’s latest release, ‘Kalpana 2’, where he appears in a double role, promises not to disappoint horror movie buffs.

Upendra says that in one role, he appears as ‘Juttu Shiva’, sporting a ponytail, and in the other, he plays Raghav.

The film, he says, has a neat blend of horror and comedy. In an interview with Nina C George, Upendra shares his experience of working in the film.

What made you accept the role in ‘Kalpana 2’?
I really liked the challenge of being able to play the characters of two very different people. There’s a heavy play of emotions for both the characters. But as an artiste, I never get tired of exploring and experimenting. Here, horror has been exaggerated but I am sure people will love it just as much as I did. I enjoy working on horror films because there’s always a certain curiosity around them.

How did you relate to your characters?
Raghav is the calm one and ‘Juttu Shiva’ plays the mass, commercial character who doesn’t tolerate injustice in any form. He also happens to be an auto driver.
The two characters have very different styles and the body language for both has been conceptualised well. The focus is on the expressions and there are a lot of messages that one can pick up just by watching the two in action.

Did your injury hamper your work during the shooting of ‘Kalpana 2’?
I was shooting for an action sequence when I hurt my leg. It took me a few days but I got back to work because I didn’t want the shooting to suffer because of me.  

A good reason to watch the film...
The movie will satiate the craving of those who love the horror genre. Each character has been carefully chosen and  each portrays a different emotion and sends out a powerful message when viewed together.   

Fear is a powerful emotion. Do you agree?
Yes, is it very powerful but it depends on what interpretation one would like to give to the emotion called fear. You can harness fear to create panic or use it to generate positive effects. It doesn’t have to necessarily take on a negative form. Here, in ‘Kalpana 2’, fear leaves one feeling happy.

What is your next project?   
Sudeep and I have been good friends but we’ve never worked together. Now, finally I am acting with him.