Creating memories through candid pictures


She has almost travelled the entire world and loves capturing every moment she thinks will remind her of that place. She travels with her family and tries getting the best shot out of the most regular, sometimes even random situations.

She might not always have the perfect camera to click anytime she wants to, but for her, it’s all about “places travelled and moments captured”.

Budding photographer, traveller and writer Deepti Singh Gupta, recently put many such frames in an exhibition titled ‘Postcards from Paradise’ at the India Habitat Centre.
“For me wherever I travel, it’s very similar to paradise and I just try to give a slice of that to people through these pictures,” Gupta told Metrolife.

Without any professional training or experience in photography, Gupta has been able to capture slices the life in a bicycle on a road, an owl in a forest, a deep blue sea and random bubbles floating in a busy day at Prague Square Clock.

“For me, travelling is living and photography helps me to retain that for a very long time. Earlier, I didn’t give much consideration to clicking a perfect shot. But now I understand the importance of waiting for the right moment,” said Gupta.

But unlike many who consider travelling as life-changing experience, Gupta said that she doesn’t look at travelling “as something to discover myself”. “I concentrate more on being myself, imbibing and soaking experience and bringing back memories.”

Amongst the numerous captures installed in the exhibition, many were seen appreciating bright colour tones of frames that Gupta used for her “postcards”. A picture with a pink tone was framed in a bright magenta coloured frame; a picture of the sea was in a light-blue coloured frame and so on.

“I have used the colour of frame depending on the theme of the picture. Some pictures speak for themselves, so I have toned down the frame. And others are very lively, so I used colourful frames for better expressions,” she explained.

On being asked if she struggled with not being a professional photographer, Gupta added, “It wasn’t really a challenge because whatever you do from your heart comes easy. But at times it gets difficult because I have to explain myself a lot to a professional photographer.”

“Also, since I travel with family, I have to look after the needs of everyone. I can’t ask them to wake up at 5.30 in the morning because I want to capture the sunrise. So staying somewhere for a longer shot is a tedious task.”

However, she soon plans to travel solo and also join a photography school for taking her “passion” forward.

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