Time for PM to give up false claims, hollow assertions: Cong

Time for PM to give up false claims, hollow assertions: Cong

Time for PM to give up false claims, hollow assertions: Cong
Citing a CAG draft report "exposing" government's claim of saving only Rs 2,000 crore against claims of Rs 22,000 crore, Congress today attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying it is time he "gives up" his "false claims, hollow assertions and exaggerated rhetoric".

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said the Modi government has become synonymous with "lies" and its defining characteristic is of "patently false claims, hollow assertions, exaggerated rhetoric and to use the colloquial that it is 'all fizz and no pop'. The country is waiting for the pop. There is no pop, there is fizz...gas."

He said the CAG has in its draft report "castigated" the government that only Rs 2,000 crore has been saved through LPG subsidy due to reduced LPG prices through drastically falling crude prices and not Rs 22,000 crore as claimed by the Prime Minister.

"The Prime Minister on August 15, 2015 announced with great fanfare that I, me, my government has saved the country of Rs 22,000 crore through DBT, elimination of middlemen, black marketeers and the 'give it up' initiative, an acronym in which Modiji specialises.

"Modiji please give it up that you are fooling the public everytime, that is what you want to give it up and not LPG. Please give up this betrayal and falsity. The CAG has castigated the government for saving Rs 2,000 crore in LPG subsidy," he said.

Singhvi said "the country had to nauseatingly hear self congratulatory, back-thumping congratulations of himself and his government" which does not behove the Prime Minister. "We are here as a respectable opposition to nail his lies and the lies of the government," he said.

Singhvi said the tall claims made by Modi on Jan Dhan scheme are also turning hollow as 60 per cent of accounts are "zero balance and hollow".

"The most tragic assertion which betrays the country's faith is electrification," he said, adding that while UPA spent Rs 41,000 crore for rural electrification the Modi government has spent only Rs 1,100 crore, that is 3 per cent of allocated funds. Today, 18,580 village are still without electricity and the actual household below poverty line stand at 1.8 crore across the country," he said.

"We have reached a stage as to who has to shed what. Give it up does not apply to LPG. Give it up must apply to your false claims, hollow assertions and exaggerated rhetoric. Give up the repeated and continued insulting of aam aadmi. Give it up must apply to this while fraud and falsification which you practice on the common man," the Congress leader said.