Wipro set for reskilling over hiring

Wipro set for reskilling over hiring

Wipro set for reskilling over hiring

Wipro president and chief human resources officer Saurabh Govil has said that the company will go for training and reskilling over hiring.

“We will continue to hire, but there will not be a big jump in hiring. It will be predictable. The focus will be to equip the organisation by reskilling the existing staff,”  Govil said in an interaction with DH.

The Wipro HR head said the matrix of hiring will change in the industry as more and more companies in the IT services segment will go for reskilling. He added that lateral hiring will continue, as it will help in meeting the immediate skill requirement. “We have a ‘buy approach’ to hire laterally and a ‘build approach’ for reskilling,” he said.

The IT services segment headcount has reached 1.73 lakh as of June 30, 2016, adding only 951 new staff compared with the fourth quarter of the FY 2016. The company also promoted about 5,600 people during the first quarter. Wipro categorised about 25-30% employees as top performers and rewarded them with 15-20% salary hikes. The company’s quarterly annualised attrition rose to 17%, from 14.9% in the preceding quarter.

“Attrition is an ongoing trend and we are doing our level best to bring it down. Attrition went up due to appraisals, differential increase in salary, and people moving on to pursue higher studies that is largely seasonal,“ Govil said.

Commenting on  sales team, he said the team’s good performance would have helped the company perform well.

“We are witnessing a muted growth in the first quarter and the guidance is not good. It clearly shows that we should help our sales team sell more products,” he said, adding that they have implemented a programme called One Voice, where they help sales team in focussing on four areas — domain, digital, integrated services and innovation. “It will help our sales team sell faster,” he said.