A sweet surrender

A sweet surrender

Baking wonders

A sweet surrender
As a foodie, she always had a soft corner for sweets. While attending various team meets at work, she noticed that a lot of people brought homemade cakes and cookies.

That’s when the thought of learning how to bake professionally dawned on her. Seema Punjabi, an MBA (finance) graduate, worked for a corporate company for a couple of years before she chose to bake for a living. “One day, I randomly went to attend a crash course in baking from someone who taught from home, just to see how it turns out to be. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be good at all; however, after devoting a lot of time and practice, I finally got the hang of it and then there was no stopping,” says Seema.

After that, she started baking different items for her team members and gained much appreciation. In fact, it was because of her colleagues (who sowed the idea) that she took baking seriously and took it up as a full time job. Presently, she bakes from home, where she has turned her kitchen into a baking setup. “It has been about two years since I am into this and it is doing quite well. I have taken my passion for baking one step higher. Today I am a certified baker from an international baking institute,” she adds.

Seema takes to social media platforms like Facebook to reach out to people and help them know about her page ‘The Sugar Fairy’.

“I use the best of ingredients, and bake absolutely fresh, homemade and mostly eggless items. With this, I am also catering to people who don’t include egg in their diet for various reasons. I even bake healthy, low-calorie cakes,” says Seema.

She is into fondant and customised cakes and takes orders for these. However, she has someone who helps her with delivering the end product.

She gets five to six orders per day which take about an hour or two (if it is a simple cake), but for a theme-based cake, it takes her three to four hours to complete the whole thing.

She was greatly inspired by Mumbai-based baker Pooja Dhingra and loves her style of work. She points out that since she bakes from home, there is a limited capacity that she can  cater to at one time. She plans to open a cafe and serve people some delectable items. “I need to come up with something different and innovative everyday. People in the city are ready to experiment and try different things, and making the same kind of products may lead to boredom. Though it is a good thing, it is a little challenging at the same time,” she says.

Baking, she says, is all about creativity, and if one knows how to bake right, there lies the possibility of making so many people happy.

Other than cakes, she has recently expanded her menu to include cookies and macarons and indulges in making pies, tarts, bread and desserts like cheesecakes among others. “People can place an order for either a party or as a gifting option, where they are keen on giving something especially crafted like a cake or other baked goodies. Baking for me was always a passion and a medium to make people happy. It is an art, one needs a lot of patience and practice to get it right, and once you do, the possibilities are endless and one can do anything with their knowledge,”she says.