Of bouncy waves and soft feet

Of bouncy waves and soft feet

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Of bouncy waves and soft feet

A  fashion noob consumed by grooming inadequacy and laziness, I have little idea about how to ‘tend to my tresses’ beyond the simplest routines and the occasional straightening. The rains may be joyous and all that for most of you, but as far as I am concerned, it means more frizz, unnecessary volume and dirt. 

So, when I had to pay a visit to the Jean Claude Biguine (JCB) Salon for a hair
appointment, I was quite chuffed about it. On a cloudy (and deviously humid) Tuesday afternoon, I set out to the salon located on 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Once I arrived at the nice-looking-but-not-intimidating-for-a-novice-spot, I was made to feel comfortable and introduced to Pinku — the top stylist in the house.

Having opted for the SP Alchemy treatment (monsoon special), I explained to Pinku my reason for doing so. I have extremely sensitive skin and hair. Most products I use are medicated and too many chemicals can end up giving me allergies. Assessing my hair, Pinku gave her verdict — a little dry and puffy because of the monsoon, a flaky scalp and an acceptable amount of hairfall. In accordance with my hair texture and density (high), it was decided that I would be given a basic alchemy treatment that would cut out the frizz and make my hair more manageable.

Right cleansing

The treatment began with a preliminary wash with plain, cold water. But I was a little uncomfortable and asked if lukewarm water could be used. Pinku obliged, but not before cautioning me never to use hot water on hair. Lukewarm, apparently, is the acceptable level. The next step was to cleanse my scalp.  She applied a mild cleanser and using her fingers, began applying pressure on my scalp, the intensity varying from medium to high. This went on for a few minutes. And then, rinse with plain water. Repeat.

Now, it was time for the ‘alchemy to be performed’. Pinku chose a shampoo free of sulfates and infused a small amount of serum in it to help give my hair some shine and make it smooth. This mixture was applied to my hair — from root to tip for several minutes again. I was then moved to a comfortable chair where Pinku began massaging my head (and thereby increasing blood circulation). She followed three patterns here — vertical — from top to bottom (forehead to neck); horizontal — side to side (including the temples); and finally criss-cross — the one that does it best.

And during this 30-minute massage, she also managed to relieve a bit of stress by massaging my neck, upper back and arms. And as I was sipping a cup of herbal tea, I could feel the soreness of the previous day’s arm workout slipping away into oblivion. One final rinse with water, a gentle wipe with a soft disposable towel and the wash was complete.

I have wavy and thick hair. So Pinku said that some waves with volume is what would suit my length of hair the best. My hair was blow dried and a menthol lotion applied all over my scalp. So, that’s what they mean when they say keep a cool head, I thought. The time had now come to style my hair, but of course, not without protection. A lot of heat protectant lotion was sprayed and waves were made with a roller and a curling iron. A touch of spray and my hair was all set in no time.

While I indulged in a teeny bit of narcissism staring at the mirror, I was introduced to Samir Srivastav, CEO of JCB Salons. We got talking and he coaxed me into getting a pedicure. Well, it is the monsoon, and that means dirty feet. So, I was introduced to the concept of dry pedicure. 

It started with tissues being dipped in spirit (nailpolish remover) to clean my feet. Subsequently, all the dead skin was removed from my feet and it was pointed out that I have sensitive heels (with cracks) and that I should take care of them. My nail paint is then patiently removed, the dead cells are scraped off my nails and they are neatly filed and shaped. This was followed by a feet mask (Oh, it’s not over yet?). Now, this comprises a thin polythene film that is filled with collagen, aloe vera and tea tree oil. It was tied around my feet for a few minutes, removed and then, my feet were wiped clean.

My feet felt squeaky clean and my hair soft and fragrant. Stepping out, feeling the wind creeping in, I began to dread my hair that would soon be flying in all directions. But not this time. All I felt was the mild bounce of my hair towards and away from my face. Boy, do I love volume.