Narsingh had been framed: coach Jagmal

Narsingh had been framed: coach Jagmal

Narsingh had been framed: coach Jagmal

Distraught after Narsingh Yadav failed a dope test ahead of the Olympic Games, his coach Jagmal Singh today said the wrestler is being framed and appealed to NADA for fresh tests.

"The news of Narsingh having failed the test has come as a huge shock for us. I have seen him since he was 10. He can't do it. He has always relied on his natural diet to reach this level. He has been tested so many times in the past also but had never ever failed any tests. I am sure it's a conspiracy and he has been framed," an emotional Jagmal said.

Asked who does he think has conspired against Narsingh, Jagmal said: "I can't say that. It is a huge conspiracy. He has always been very honest. A lot of people are against him.
We are trying to find out who has done it or on whose instructions it has was done.

"I cannot take any name because then I will be asked to prove it. He was practising hard. There were times when he would leave his drinks on the ring side and continue practising again. Even his protein supplements were kept in the room. Somebody could have tweaked it. It is not possible to keep a check all the time."

Jagmal urged the NADA to conduct a fresh dope test.

"Fresh tests should be conducted. And even then if he fails it, we would be okay. My question is when there was no competition scheduled and he was simply practising, why would he dope? Why would he take such a risk?," asked Jagmal.

Jagmal said there were two tests conducted by NADA on June 25 and July 5 and both the days Narsingh did not shy away from giving his urine samples.

"Had he taken any banned substance, he would have taken an off or gone out for some work on days the NADA people came. But he never shied away from any test. He hasn't taken so many medicines in his life, how can he test positive for those," asked the coach.
Narsingh, who won the 74kg Olympic quota berth with a World Championships bronze medal last year, was selected for Rio in controversial circumstances after Sushil Kumar's demands for a trial were rejected both by the Wrestling Federation of India and the Delhi High Court.

Meanwhile, Sushil Kumar's mentor Satpal Singh hinted that the two-time Olympic medallist is ready to step in if need be in the Olympics.

"I am extremely disappointed to hear this. Narsingh is a very senior grappler and he definitely cannot be ignorant with respect to doping matters. It definitely reflects badly on the country's image," he said.

"I can't say whether Sushil could now go in place of Narsingh. This decision rests with WFI and the sports ministry. Sushil can definitely think of competing at Rio," Satpal added.

Satpal insisted that after the Delhi High Court ruled in favour of Narsingh, Sushil had decided against appealing further as we all wanted Narsingh to concentrate on his training and bring a medal for the country.

"Sushil decided not to approach the Supreme Court because we put country ahead of us. We wanted that someone should bring a medal for the country. If not Sushil then Narsingh. So, this news is very disappointing."