A play of patterns

A play of patterns

Fashion fervour

A play of patterns

It usually requires a person to go through a particular journey to realise what they really want to do in life. Nupur Kanoi too had a similar intervention in her life before she knew that designing clothes is what she wanted to do.

She says, “I realised that I wasn’t cut out for a nine to five desk job when I was working for a magazine after college. I was exposed to working with different designs and understanding their sensibility. I realised that it is not what you wear but how you wear it that matters. So when I quit my job to start something of my own, it all fell in place easily.”

Ask her about the colours and pattern combinations that she chooses for her designs and she says, “I firmly believe that what makes or breaks a look is the choice of colours followed by the cuts and the fall. Classic with a twist has always been the clincher.”

She also says that she has a fascination for crafts from around the world. “I think my love for colours and crafts stems from my roots in Rajasthan. I don’t like to be bound by colours and patterns. It’s a challenge to work with things that scare you, but I try to scare myself all the time,” she explains.

She draws her inspiration from the simple things that catch her eye on the streets or during her travels. She believes that even though the same resources are available for any other designer to work with, the difference lies in the interpretation. She says, “No two brains can come up with the exact replicas, especially when it comes to design. That would be a bizarre coincidence!”

Since her clothes have been on display at a store in the city, she says that she is pleasantly surprised at the city’s market for clothes. She says, “We have been stocking at ‘Collage Shop’ for at least two years now and the love for our brand has only grown. Our clothes are for a discerning, fashion-educated client who is not only well-travelled but also understands the right balance between classic and experimental. The silhouettes are relaxed, lounge-perfect and easy to wear. They work well for day, evening and destination weddings.”

But the one fashion trend that she things is overdone is the crop top revolution. However, she is happy with the outcome of her simple and elegant designs that the city has happily accepted. With a goal to keep growing, she hopes to soon launch her first flagship store in Kolkata.