A musical protest against atrocities on tribals

A musical protest against atrocities on tribals

A musical protest against atrocities on tribals

Kabir Suman: Man with a lot of pluck.

“I am not a career politician. I don’t support Maoists. But I cannot support state violence that brutalises Adivasis,” Suman told Deccan Herald. The singing demonstration—all by himself or with other MPs—will take place before March 6, he declared.

Kolkata-based Suman, who is also a Bengali TV presenter and occasional film actor, will take his guitar to the Parliament premises to express himself against the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

Suman, who had several run-ins with his party leader Mamata Banerjee in the past, says he would lead his “guitar protest” in Parliament this week. “I am inviting all and would be happy if Didi joins me,” he says and denies any differences with Mamata Banerjee.
The MP’s original name is Suman Chattopadhaya. It was first changed to Mohammed Faruk and then again to Kabir Suman when he converted to Islam to marry Sabina Yasmin.

Expressing himself against the Maoists and state violence, the MP says it is an irony that 80 per cent of the people in the country “still don’t know what is potable water. I am ashamed of it. I have written to the prime minister saying ‘you are a wise man, and how Naxals could be the greatest threat,’” he says.

Suman says tribal areas are completely backward and “it is the Maoists who have imparted a sense of dignity to them.”

The MP has a love-hate relationship not only with his party but also with the UPA dispensation which he wants to continue to combat “communal BJP”.

Fundamental differences

He, however, says in the same breath that he has fundamental differences on the government’s approach to the Maoist problem.

He advocates a long-drawn dialogue between the government and the Maoists to establish peace in the tribal areas, “hammered badly” by the government forces.
Parliament may await when the bohemian Trinamool MP plucks his guitar “to make it gently weep,” a la Beatles.