'I cannot do TV just for money'

'I cannot do TV just for money'

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'I cannot do TV just for money'

Actor and writer Preeti Mamgain, who has been a part of television serials like ‘Banegi Apni Baat’, ‘Saans’, ‘Kanyadaan’ and movies including ‘Barfi!’ and ‘Luck By Chance’, says that the medium determines the projects she signs up for.

“In TV, I give utmost importance to the role because there is so much happening on the medium at present. Also, since television demands a lot of time, it has to be worth the effort because I would be taking out time from my writing schedule. I cannot do TV just for money. I would rather write in that time. So, the role better be satisfying,” she says.

In films, however, she takes the director and the entire team into consideration as
she says “it boils down to what I gain from it” and adds that she has been fortunate with the projects she has done so far.

Mamgain will soon be seen on stage in ‘2 To Tango 3 To Jive’, a Hinglish play by Saurabh Shukla, that has already completed more than 80 shows in India. It is about a man’s quest for an extramarital life and follows the travails of Parminder Singh Sethi (played by
Shukla), who is bored with his monotonous routine until three women (played by Achint Kaur, Sadiya Siddiqui and Mamgain) enter his life.

“Theatre stays with you for years, so it is always about the role, which evolves with each show. The medium gives you time to get into the layers of your character, and in the process you do a journey within yourself. You never do theatre for money or fame; it is only for satisfaction. Even if you have done 100 shows of the same play, it will always be different each time you do it. It will always be fresh,” says Mamgain.

She, however, is quick to add that none of the mediums can be compared.
“All three have absolutely different parameters. While you get instant gratification in theatre, films are for posterity and in TV, on the other hand, you can be forgotten as soon as the episode is over,” she says.

Ask Mamgain, who has also written for TV series like ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin’, ‘Saara Akaash  and Ek Chutki Aasmaan’, what she prefers — acting or writing — and she says “one feeds the other”. She continues, “My writing always has a little bit of me, even though it is not conscious. It is the medium which helps me present my perspective even on a universal person like Mahatma Gandhi. My writing will be about my personal take on things and people.”

Talking about her writing, the actor tells Metrolife that she would love to explore the genre of thriller. “Though I am strong with emotions and characters, thrillers thrill me to no extent. It is something I have never ventured into. Writing is always hinged on ‘what happens next’, and this get compounded a million times in a thriller,”
she explains.

So once she has penned her thriller, which medium would she use to tell her story? “Movies,” she says in less than a second, and continues, “That is because films give
you the luxury of time and you can do your homework well. Also, I would prefer an audio visual medium in case of a thriller.”