'I am in a very comfortable space'

'I am in a very comfortable space'

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'I am in a very comfortable space'

Actor Priyanka Upendra ventured into production with ‘Uppi 2’ which she thinks gave her an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and why production is the most important component of a film. Now, Priyanka is in the process of writing a script which she hopes to act in and direct as well.

The trailer of her latest film ‘Mummy’, releasing in August, is out and it has already grabbed a lot of attention for its attractive visuals. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor shares her experience of working on the project.

You have now ventured into writing scripts...

This is the first time that I am writing a script and hope to direct it as well. But I am in no hurry and want to work on it at my own pace. Direction is something that I learnt on- the-job by watching Uppi work. A director is like the captain of a ship and I want to be perfect in every way before I take up directing.

Any plans of directing Upendra?

I first want to make a film with a different cast and prove my capabilities as a director before directing Uppi. I surely want to direct him someday, but he’s a director himself and a perfect one at that. So I really can’t make any mistakes.

How do you manage responsibilities at home and commitments at work?

I’ve been juggling work and home for a while now and I don’t find it too taxing because I work at my own pace. I am in a very comfortable space where I have the freedom to work or choose to not work as well. I can produce a film if I wish to or simply choose not to work at all for a few months. I don’t believe in working at a hectic pace.

What is your role in ‘Mummy’? 

Portraying the emotions of a pregnant woman can be quite exhausting. The director wanted to capture the essence of a pregnant woman and I hope I’ve managed to bring out what the director had in mind. The character that I play had to be powerful but vulnerable at the same time.

Your experience in the film.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this film. People are used to seeing me play glamorous roles but I am waiting to see how they will react to the role that I’ve played in ‘Mummy’.

Reasons to watch ‘Mummy’.

The movie is different not only because of its unique characterisation but also because of its special sound and visual effects. We couldn’t find a good house in Goa to shoot the haunted house scenes, so we ended up creating a set for the purpose. It took six months to make it. 80% of the film has been shot in the sets. The Dolby Atmos surround sound and VFX work on the visuals have enhanced the quality of the film.

Do you miss working in Bengali films?

I am not able to commit to doing a Bengali film because I have commitments in the Kannada film industry. Bengali cinema has some great scripts based on art and literature. They have good performance oriented subjects as well. Someday, I would like to explore remaking a Bengali film in Kannada. Both the industries are dear to me.