Making the easy cut

Making the easy cut
In a generation like today, finding an easy solution to one’s problem is not difficult. If you need a tutor but don’t want to travel, there’s an app for it. If you need a taxi without any arguments with the driver, there’s a service for that too. Similarly, in order to make one’s cooking experience easy, there are several easy kitchen gadgets that one can use.

Sneha Paul, a professional, likes using her egg slicer regularly. She says, “It definitely saves a lot of time and gives me quite neat results each time. Since the presentation of the food is quite important before one tastes it, this gadget slices the egg perfectly and makes my dining experience a whole lot better.”

There are many home cooks who take the help of these gadgets to make their dishes better. Deepa Murali, a food blogger, has been collecting kitchen gadgets for almost 10 years now. She owns a coconut scraper, citrus juice extractor, apple cutter, fish scraper, tea infuser, corn peeler and much more. She says, “I am a gadget freak, so I’m always on the lookout to buy something new each time I step out of the house. As life is getting more mechanical, these gadgets are definitely making it a whole lot easier. However, since not everything is electronic, you aren’t losing too many flavours while using them as well.

Richa Gupta, a full time blogger, agrees with Deepa. She says, “The spiraliser helps me make noodles out of vegetables which are great for stir-fries and salads. The garlic press works beautifully because it mashes the garlic perfectly in under a second. I also use the coffee maker everyday!” But she agrees that one of the major disadvantages with these gadgets is that they make one a little lazy. Finding a storage space and also cleaning them becomes a task sometimes.

For many cooks, traditional gadgets can’t be compared with the new ones as they both serve a different purpose. Parvathy Ranjive says, “I’ve seen many people dry-roast the spices and put them into a blender to make ‘garam masala’ powder at home. Traditionally, you use a mortar and pestle to get the finest quality. That is because the stone used in the mortar and pestle brings the temperature of the spices down, therefore not releasing the essential oils and aroma of the spices. This way, it helps to preserve the true essence of the spice and bring out the pungent and robust flavour.” But there are easy gadgets that do make one’s life easier. She adds, “I think it purely depends on the person using the gadget. The apple cutter is such a great time saver for those hurried early weekday mornings! Also, fine slicers are a great way to add a certain beauty to your dish. Finely cut vegetables or spiralised vegetables are a great way to not just improve the texture but also to add a certain finesse and charm to a dish. There is a certain elegance in eating a salad that has finely sliced or julienned carrots rather than fat roundels that are asymmetric and tough to chew.”

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