'Every day is an adventure'

'Every day is an adventure'

'Every day is an adventure'
The city has been presenting a variety of experiences to the migrants. Sanjay Singh and wife Ubika Prasansha, who have made Bengaluru their second home, find the differences here making it all the more endearing.

Sanjay, who is from Patna, works as a relationship manager with M1 Homes while Ubika, who hails from Ranchi, is a software engineer with Cognizant. While Sanjay came to the city three years back, Ubika was here from 2011 itself. She had gone to Pune for a brief stint but came back to Bengaluru.

“My love for the city brought me back. There was nothing that could keep me away from the it,” she says proudly. Ubika, who did her engineering in Chennai, says it is a “blessed experience to be here”.

The couple feels Bengaluru is a city which has lot of life. “Bengaluru has been familiar to me since I was a teenager as my aunt lived here. I’ve always dreamed of being here. I found the lifestyle enticing and inviting,” says Ubika. “What I enjoy about Bengaluru is that it is open to all sorts of people and ideas,” she adds.

They also love the nightlife here. “Patna doesn’t have a nightlife and it is nice to be in a city where one can do anything,” points out Sanjay while Ubika adds that there is a right balance of modernity and tradition here and she loves it.

“No one bothers about what I am wearing or where we hang out. People mind their own business, yet they are there when we need help,” she says.

They say that people are as warm-hearted and friendly as those in their hometowns.
“This is what we love about Bengaluru too. Everyone is so accepting here that we never felt out of place,” says Sanjay. Ubika adds that she feels glad to live in a cosmopolitan city.

“Bengaluru is a mini-India. There are people from all across the country and this makes it even more special,” she says. They point out that the city offers much space to explore.

“From the pubs and the shops to a stroll in the parks, there is just so much to do here,” says Ubika, who does not forget to mention that her hometown is known for its scenic view.  “There is a lot of greenery there apart from dams and waterfalls,” she says while Sanjay adds that Patna has many museums. “The fascinating part about Bengaluru is that it houses everything and is a great point to connect to places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar etc,” adds Sanjay. 

They point out how festivals like ‘Holi’ and ‘Deepavali’, are celebrated in grand style back home.“The culture of Jharkhand and Bihar is very similar, because we were one state earlier,” says Sanjay.

The festival of the sun lord, called ‘Chhat’ is a grand four-day celebration in both these places. “People back home are very spiritual,” he adds. The culinary journey of the couple here has been interesting. “We are used to having ‘chhole bhature’, ‘jalebis’ and ‘dhuska’. Our specialities like ‘rugra’ are made during the monsoon only, and only in Jharkhand,” says Ubika.

When it comes to food, Sanjay misses the ‘samosas’ back home among other items. “But I love South Indian food, especially the ‘sambhar’,” he adds.  The couple want to be in the city as long as possible. “Our stay in the city has been a smooth ride. We are thankful to everything that we have experienced here. Everyday is an adventure here,” says Sanjay.

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