For a flawless look

For a flawless look

For a flawless look

Airbrush makeup has become popular with advent of high-definition videos as it is much capable of hiding skin flaws.

The makeup wears longer than traditional powder or liquid foundation and is able to stay put of 12–24 hours. It is done by spraying it onto the skin using an airbrush machine instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other traditional methods. The formula can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin.

“It’s camera-friendly and consumes less time in comparison of a traditional makeup. It is cost effective for professionals and the technique is more sanitary as the hand doesn’t touch your skin,” says Puja Poddar, beauty expert and founder of, an online make-up guide.

Anyone can use airbrush make-up. It gives a nice sheen and radiance which every girl desires for. “One can do airbrush make-up at home only if you can effectively handle airbrush machine and the compressor well. It’s not only the tool but a skill too. So one need to learn and get hands on practice to master or try airbrush make-up at home,” she adds.

Tips for airbrush makeup
Keep your wrist steady when you hold the airbrush gun. Do not flex the wrist.When starting out, practice with water first to get a feel for the different settings of the compressor and airbrush gun.

Use the air coming from the compressor as a guide. Wherever you feel the air on your face is where the make-up will be applied.

Always have lots of airbrush cleaning fluid on hand.
Always apply concealer first! If you conceal over the top of the airbrush foundation you will ruin the airbrushed areas.

4-6 drops of make-up is enough for foundation.

Quick makeup hacks
When applying foundation hold the gun six to 12 inches away from the face (getting in closer for target areas which require more coverage).

Prepare the skin with a good cleanser to ensure there are no dead skin cells. Wash and pat dry, then apply a light moisturiser to smooth out the skin.

Always test spray on your hand or a piece of white paper before applying airbrush make-up to your face to ensure the machine is working correctly and you have the right colour tones.

Avoid over-spray, especially when applying foundation as a concealer. This will result in ‘hot spots’ where make-up is thicker and does not dry as fast as the rest of the make-up.

When isolating blemishes, use short bursts of spray and release the trigger before pulling away.

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