Bring nature into your home

Bring nature into your home

Bring nature into your home

There are some of us who like to go green in every way. In that, even ensure that everything around us in our homes too is environment-friendly.

We’ve seen all kinds of houses that have foliage or invest heavily in indoor plants and greenery. That’s a real good way to add to the oxygen levels and also the greenery quotient. However, there are umpteen other ways to green your home, feel closer to nature and live the eco-friendly way. All you need is to get inspired by the elements of nature and try to incorporate them within the home. Here are some guidelines:

Inspired colours

“Exterior or balcony wall colours and textures can be made to resemble that of rustic rural huts. This can be an interesting concept to present an amalgamation of rural and urban,” says Sarika Sethi, an interior designer from New Delhi. Ensure that your walls are not jarring dark, but a soothing pale green, snowy white or earthy brown. These colours are not just closest to nature, but also tone down temperaments and moods, as per feng shui.

Greens for earth, grass and plants; blues for a refreshing water and sky experience and yellows to evoke a sense of sunlight freshness. “Neutral tones such as whites, tans and beige make interiors open to further design. Pair up with attractive colours on the window coverings, bedding and decor,” adds Sarika.

Fibres & textures

Incorporating wicker, hemp, rattan and jute instantly transports nature in a beautiful form to your living rooms, gardens or bedrooms. You can also pick up items made of these, like baskets, rugs, and even lampshades. Rattan and wicker add to the natural finish to any surrounding. They are easy to maintain and absolutely

Natural flooring

As kids, we used to run around barefooted, feeling the cold of the granite or the warmth of the wood. It’s amazing to walk bare feet in a spic and span house. It instantly connects us with mother earth. Of course, you will have to supervise a neat shoe rack at the entrance. Opt for materials like wood, cork, bamboo, natural stones as flooring materials. These feel warm, natural and inviting. Dim and bright lighting gets reflected and absorbed accordingly by the floor to create the desired look. Man-made materials can never provide the same finish, warmth and feeling. You have to look towards nature for that.

Nature elements

Aashna Makhija from New Delhi is an avid traveller and picks up some or the other natural material on her way back. “I have a collection of items like small pebbles, rocks, sea shells, jars of beach sand, wood, straw and leaves that I have converted into photo frames to add a bit of memory and nature into my living,” says Aashna. Adding photographs or murals of these elements too is a creative way to display art and get reminded of nature now and then.

Laminates & wood work

Sanjana Rajput from Pune has a beautiful house that boasts of some beautiful woody cupboards and doors. “Our guests are amazed to see tree trunks, birches and branches as extensions to our cupboard and door tops. We’ve chosen real birch and bark finish that feels like a real tree,” says Sanjana.

It may be difficult to treat birches and barks, but you can definitely pick up laminates that look like tree birches and barks. Shades of browns, walnut greens and deep orange can reflect the wild within.

Outdoor cues

Now this may sound bizarre, but people actually boast of this slimy carpet as an eye-catching display. Moss carpets can be used as a table top for the centre table, as a visual display element, a patch along the stairs or perhaps as a shielded mossy stairway itself.

This green is low on maintenance and gives a fresh look. To talk of outdoors, why just limit to displays and colours — entice your senses with woodsy incenses, floral potpourri and oceanic scents. Also go for introducing nature sounds like rain, breeze or the ocean for a spa like effect right at your place. The sounds will relax and get you in tune with nature immediately.

“I have scenic pictures that we’ve taken on holidays all over my house. Some are blown up to touch the ceiling and some make up their way through the stairway,” says Mehul Prakash, an advertising professional from Mumbai.

“We make sure we come back with at least two pictures than can be framed. I have aquatics, mountains, jungles, beaches, lush highways, river beds and even day and night skies all over my house,” adds Mehul. Decorating spaces with food and spices is another good idea.

 Stock lemons and pickles in interesting jars; hang limes from a string; grow herbs like parsley, mint etc in small containers in the kitchen for a handful anytime and a sight full of nature’s wonder.

Choose eco-friendly

Bedding, towels, cleaning products, and even wall paint — all come in eco-friendly varieties these days. Using earth-friendly products on a daily basis is a good idea. So, it’s not so difficult to think green and even implement it.

Keep your eyes open to any new idea that can fit your way of decorating your home. The right proportions of thought, enthusiasm and a little green finger is all you require.

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